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Sunday, March 23, 2008

380) Moh@lyics Weekly! Esp. 8

Cairo University: A light at the end of the tunnel. I am really glad that the oldest and biggest university in Cairo in its 100th anniversary is finally extending & expanding by the efforts of the Egyptian people as what happened when it was established. Thanks to Labib El Seba3y in Al Ahram to lead this campaign. This should be the real role of the public owned newspaper, and this should be the role of the society.

Accidents: Khalas mesh momken, accidents everyday, high ways, bridges, streets, everywhere. What happened last week with the AMN MARKAZY car is really sad. These innocent people who died after serving the whole day for malaleem have no one to blame or "compensate them". There must be a new system (not only law) to organize the traffic in Egypt, and Cairo in specific 2abl manmoot kolena.

Hurghada: Akeeeeran I am back in Hurghada after 3 months. Although I am on business but I feel like I am back home. Working between Cairo and Hurghada is my real work-life balance. It is even reflected on the blog where I rarely posted fun stuff in the last 3 months. What I do here in 1 day (business or fun) I do in Cairo in a week. God Bless Red-Sea.


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Cairo is God's hell on earth