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Sunday, March 2, 2008

368) M.o.h.@.l.y.i.c.s Weekly! (Eps. 4)

Gawaz bekarar gamaheery: Last week I was in an outing with some friends and their families, and suddenly I found ALL the subgroups gathering around 1 topic; my marriage! I am one of only 2 singles in the group and it seems that this annoys the married couples (men envy me, and women want to see all men married....), so they started talking and talking, talking, and talking...and every one is offering, and offering, specially that - as they say- you are 3arees kewayes we matetsabsh!! At this point I decieded to tell them that next time, I will come with 2 wives in-shaa-Allah, at this point all the women went shhhhhhhh, and all the men were sneakly smiling ;)

El Dameer El Arabi: Yanhar Nakad morakaz! heya na2sa, makefaya nasharat el akhbar! Begad I felt as if I watching the news accompanied by sound track! Anyway, if it was me, i would have just gathered all the stars, and said the main chorus word "Matat 2olob el Nas, Matat feena el Nakhwa, Yemken Neseena fe yom en el 3arab Ekhwa" in a 1 min message for the Arab leaders in the Arab summit!

Hadary 2: Hady ra7, Hadary geh, 7adary 3aleeh el 3awad. Feeh fel donya ghabaa aktar men keda! ya3nee 10 days ago he was one of the top people in the Egyptian football, now he will be punished by Ahly, and will have a problem in FIFA because running again but this time to Ahly. Tab kan lazmeto eih men el 2awel. Tab3an el press hatet7efna with another week of "3awdet El Hadary" after part 1 "Horob El Hadary", I just hope it ends here before it becomes another Die Hard or Rambo!



Shimaa Gamal said...

Lucky you are a man :) you won't find wa7da 7akda in a middle of a gathering te7awel tetala3ak fashel just coz u r not married like her ... LOL
I know they envy me :)Actually they say it out loud :) :) ya bakhtek LOL ... bas lel asaf I don't have the privilege of taking two husbands to the next meeting :)


As for el dameer el 3araby, howa lessa fi 7ad mo2men bemawdoo3 el 3arab dah? howa mesh nezar sa2al zaman matta to3lenooha wafat el 3arab wel na3y nezel fi el ahram ba3daha bekam yoom?!! The thing is, these songs bet2asar fi el sho3oob, el nas el 3adeya laken our leaders beyahtamo be7agat aham mn el a3'any. fi menhom masalan hay2ool en 3'alta fi el targama heya elly mebayenah elly talab el tawagod el american 2odam sawa7el el dawla X (as if all the arabs mafeesh wa7ed fihom gab 50/50 fi el english). we wa7ed tany beytaleb bel estekrar fi el mesh dawla Y, ma3 en elly beytsafo dool a3da2oh we le masla7toh awalak we akheeran ... we nas te2ool heya el 2adya 3arbeya awalan, wala shakhseya awalan ... we fi west el za7ma di, nensa heya el 2adeya kanet eh? howa sa7ee7, heya eh el 2adeya el 3arbya? Palastine?? wala Iraq? wala Darfoor?? wala el sharq el awasat el gadeed??

ana nefsy a3raf horoob el 7adary we rogo3oh dah diversion le2eh :) asl e7na kol lama nenshe3'l be7aga hayfa naktashef en fi moseeba 7asalet fi el za7ma :)
He shouldn't have come back. howa akhad khatwa kan lazem yemsheeha lel akhier, now i don't think el ahly haykhaleeh yel3ab. hay7toh fi el talaga then yebe3ooh. and lama yegy yetba3 frozen 3'ier lama kan haytba3 fresh. ya3ny momken nela2y el 7adary fi petrojet el moseem el gy, or maslan fi el et7ad ma3 sheetos. ya rab bas mosalsal el 7adary dah yekhlas we may2lebsh layly el 7adary.

only love said...

congratulations ya mohalyyyyyyy but plz count me in your list :D
ya3ny law ba3d 25 sana keda kont lesa still single eb2a sebely rakm el zoga el talta aw el rab3a enta wy zroofak ba2a wa2tha :D ya3ny aho hata ana mn el frequent commenters bto3ak eksab fya sawab :D

concering el hadary ana msh fahma fy eh el press lma bysada2o yela2o 7aga yo3ody yergho feha wy khlas .
ya3ny all of us know that hadary was somehow stupid by leaving el ahly with this way belraghm mn eno kan momken yesebo btare2a a7sn mn keda bkter bas khlas howa ghlt wy e3tazar khlas ba2a (no body is perfect ya3ny ) yeseboh ba2a aw hta yeftkro leh ay 7aga kowayesa.

and sorry for writing much :)

Mohaly said...

shimaa, i totally agree with what you said, nic analysis.

only love, ya fandem da sharaf leya.. wenestana 25 years leeh? ma khayro el ber 3ageloh, at least you know me inside out through my blog :)