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Monday, March 17, 2008

378) Dark Side of Egypt IV - Bread !!!

Ya Allaaaah! 4 killed in 16 days, ya3nee more than an Egyptian dies every week because of fighting over the basic of basics. I really do not know how does the government get the guts to announce numbers about the development and reformation while the Egyptian are dying just to eat bread. How can the minister of Social bla bla bla sleep at night!!!
The government that can't ensure the minimum basic necessities as bread and LIFE itself to its citizens, doesn't deserve to rule even with 100% growth rate!



Shimaa Gamal said...

The problem with this administration enhom 3aysheen fi another Egypt.
The problem with Egyptians en kol wa7ed fihom 3ayesh fi Masr beta3toh howa.
I have had a depate once a couple of years ago with my professor. I was studying for my pre-master courses and the subject was about economic reform I guess. The professor kept saying that Egypt will face what he calls "thawret el geya3". He was expecting exactly the scenario we are having these days. He said en el 7okoma el rasheeda one day hatkhaly el nas temoot 3ala re3'eef el 3iesh.
My reply wasn't in favor of the government, bas still I argued en Egyptians never repel. and awham thawret el geya3 elly howa khayef menha to the extent enoh 7atet his valubles ganb el bab 3ashan lama te2oom el thawra yedey el nas el ga3ana el 7aga badal ma ye2teloh 3omraha ma hatet7a2a2. Not because en we have 7okoma sa7ya, we ma7desh ye2dar ye3akar safw el amn el 3am, but because as Egyptians we prefer enena nemshy ganb el 7iet.
These days mesh 3arfa lieh I lost el tafa2ol beta3y 3an en kol 7aga hatfdal zay el fol. Maybe Louis Awad's book about tareekh el fekr el seyasy el masry, elly khalany aktashef en masr kan feeha thawarat keteer aktar mn elly 2alohalna fi ketab el tareekh. Or maybe le2ny bamshy fi el share3 ba7es en lw wa7ed etkhane2 ma3 wa7ed momken el mawdoo3 ye2leb be7aree2a kebeera, ma7desh hay3raf meen elly wala3ha.
I pray for my country. le2ny begad khayfa.

Anonymous said...

بدأت وزارة التضامن الاجتماعي أمس في توزيع سبعة ملايين رغيف مدعم في عدة مناطق حيوية بمحافظتي القاهرة والجيزة‏,‏ في تجربة عملية للوصول برغيف الخبز المدعم للمواطنين‏,‏ والقضاء علي ظاهرة تكدس الطوابير بالمناطق المزدحمة‏.‏ وصرح الدكتور علي المصيلحي وزير التضامن الاجتماعي بأن عملية التوزيع تمت بمعاونة سيارات الوزارة ومديريات التموين‏,‏ حيث تم توزيع الرغيف بشكل متواز علي الأكشاك المخصصة‏,‏ فضلا عن وقوف هذه السيارات داخل المناطق وقيامها بالبيع مباشرة للجمهور‏.‏ وأضاف أن توزيع الرغيف سيتم يوميا بهذه الطريقة لمنع تهريب الدقيق المدعم وبيعه بالسوق السوداء‏,‏ سعيا وراء الاستفادة من فارق السعر بين الدقيق المدعم والحر‏,‏ مشيرا إلي أن المناطق المحرومة‏,‏ وتلك التي تعاني الزحام‏,‏ سيكون لها الأولوية القصوي في خطة التوزيع اليومية‏,‏ تمهيدا لتعميم التجربة قريبا علي مستوي جميع المحافظات‏.‏ ومن جانبها‏,‏ بدأت الإدارة العامة لشرطة التموين والتجارة الداخلية‏,‏ بالاشتراك مع الأجهزة الرقابية بالوزارة في عمل حملات مكثفة للتصدي لتهريب الدقيق‏,‏ حيث أوضح اللواء الدكتور محمد أبوشادي مدير الإدارة أن الحملات أسفرت عن ضبط‏190‏ طنا من الدقيق
تم تهريبها‏,‏ فضلا عن تحرير‏30‏ محضرا لمخابز غير مرخصة‏,‏ وقضايا نقص حصص‏,‏ وإنتاج رغيف غير مطابق للمواصفات‏

ayman said...

people were killed in " battle of the bread " and thousands of fights daily on the famous line " taboor el 3eesh" and once again none moves and all the excuses vanishes when the president says " solve it " .

so who's fault is it ?

do we go with conspiracy theory that says that some of the events occur to increase popularity of the president himself

or we blame the minsters' themselves who are doing nothing

or blame who hire them

or blame the citizens who don't move or care


why we do ever care to blame!!!

H.A.W. said...

how can the minister of social bla bla bla sleep at night:for one simple reason:he lost that small part inside of everyone called conscious. what would keep him up?
this part is lost in almost all politicians, dont know why. maybe its because most of them were given power without really being personally investigated. maybe its "everyone should be like this or he will not enter the place" maybe because we are silent.what is for sure, is that this loss of conscious is perfectly normal these days.
you will only notice, when you are different. and you will feel the suffering of others, drive yourself crazy but have very little in hand to change.
ma3lesh, this very little still counts. :)