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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

375) Your Power lies WITHIN !

Take a deep look at this video (Covey), and listen not just hear, watch not just see.

Your real power lies within, in order to make a difference in your society, company, family, and even country, you have to take control over yourself first. Don't wait till you are in the mode, you wont be. Don't wait for the government or even the e-government. Don't wait for your friends, colleagues, or family. Just START ... Stop moaning and start DOING!



only love said...

this is a great video which sends agreat advice and a great push to any depressed person. I like reading about self awareness stuff v. much, sometimes listening to this stuff empower me to carry on and confront any problem in my way.
realizing your full potential and raising your Consciousness level guides you to the right path to achieve your goals.

one of my favourite quotes is

amina said...

Only Love...you should read AWAKEN THE GIANT WITHIN for Antony Robbins

great video mohaly, you know what i like about this blog is how you mix different stuff by all within the same vision.

only love said...

thanks amina, i will ISA :)