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Thursday, March 6, 2008

372) Code of Governance howa el 7al !

With all my respect to Ekhwan bloggers, but I am announcing that I am against their idoilogy. I don't hate them - yet- but I severely don't agree with them, or in other words "Ana Mesh Ekhwan" or "Ekhwan Mo7eb".

I see that there is nothing called "7okm Islamy (Islamic Governance)" but rather "mowasafat 7okm Isalmy (Islamic Governance characteristics). Something like the Islamic dress, there is nothing called Islamic dress that every Muslim should be wearing, but there are some characteristics that we can combine in different percentages to come up with dozens of fashion combinations that fits the Islamic code of dress (loose, not transparent,...etc).

Ruling in the name of God or saying that this is the only solution and other than that is against what God wants is ridiculous and is a losing model everywhere. So I suggest to have a Code of Governance (if I may say), as the common ground that the Civil forces and Ekhwan stand on for the benefit of Egypt and the whole Muslim nation.

This code states that the government must be: Honest, sincere, have justice, working for the welfare of the whole & sum, not discriminating based on religion or gender, against corruption, respecting the personal freedom as long as it doesn't hurt the society....etc.

I honestly believe if such code is applied, there shouldnt be ekhwan moslmeen and ekhwan gheir muslmeen, there will be only EKHWAN MASRYEEN whether muslmeen or mase7yeen.



omar said...

3afarem 3aleek ya mohaly
well said ya man

Shimaa Gamal said...

Allah yenawar 3aliek :)