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Monday, March 3, 2008

369) Qadafi Latest - 3ayez 7a2i!!

This guy -one of the world longest serving rulers- never stops surprizing me. I guess he never had the chance to think "inside the box". I dont know from where did he get all these crazy (yet wise somethimes) ideas!!!

His Latest that de decided to Call-off the government, and distribute the extra income from selling the Libyan petroleum directly on the people (5000 Dinar/person). 7aga keda zay fim 3ayez 7a2i beta3 Hany Ramzy!
أعلن الزعيم الليبي معمر القذافي أن ليبيا من الآن فصاعدا ستكون دون حكومة‏,‏ وقد ألغي كل الوزارات‏,‏ ما عدا السيادية منها مثل الخارجية‏,‏ والداخلية‏,‏ والدفاع‏,‏ والمرافق العامة‏.‏ كما أعلن القذافي ـ خلال الاحتفال بالعيد الـ‏31‏ لإعلان سلطة الشعب في ليبيا ـ توزيع ثروة النفط علي الشعب الليبي مباشرة بواقع خمسة آلاف دينار لكل أسرة‏,‏ أو بواقع ألف دينار لكل شخص‏.‏

Honestly I am really confused about this guy, sometimes I feel he says or does what we wanna say or do, and sometimes I feel he is in another world! But in all cases, I do respect his honesty with himself and his people and trying to make his country a better place to live (sometimes in a crazy way) specially after letting go of terrorism oriented thoughts.

Wel kalam leeky ya gara (el 3ala yemeen Lybia!).

P.S> I met him 28 years ago (yes kont soghayar) walking in the street. Do think I will ever meet Mubarak walking in the street?!



Om Abdel Karim said...

The man is an absolute loose canon-he runs the country like he would run a privately owned kiosk-really i sometimes wonder, with such out of the box leader how the country is run, services provided etc--i wish i can be a fly in his room or brain--am sure there will be a lot laughing material, but for God's sake--this "him" should be neither acceptable nor running for so long, along with most if not all the other arab/ME leaders-but i would give him credit for his sense of humor even though i donot believe it is meant. Have a wonderful manakholia day.

omar said...

walahi 3ando 7a2, ya3nee el 7okoma bete3mel eih ghier enaha betwa2af el marakeb el sayra, 2eletha a7san

ya Mohaly, you can definitaley see mubarak in the street, IN YOUR DREAMS!

only love said...

I do respect this person regardless some of his unwise dicisions that he sometimes takes without thinking. at least he is trying to do something to his nation, sometimes he hit and sometimes he miss but at least he is trying. I consider this a positive attitude. a7sn mn ely shayef kol 7aga wy 3amel 3abet, ya3ny lesa msh sem3t en elnas fy lybia ba2et temawet ba3d 3shan tela2y 3esh taklo aw a2a2l akl momken ay 7ad ghalban momken yaklo a3d yeghla kol yomen ad keda wy mafesh ay 7ad bye3ml haga lel nas dy.

ya3ny I hope en (...... ely fel bald ely yemen lybia ye3ml ay haga zay el ragel dah )