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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

319) Some Qutoes About Marriage!

"Don't criticize your wife's judgement, see whom she married! "

"Successful marriage requires falling in love many times ...... with the same person ;) "

"There is no way to win against your wife. You both win or both lose."

Mansoor Marican



nourita said...

The first one is funny...second is idealistic
Third one is definitely true

Shimaa Gamal said...

Successful marriage requires falling in love many times ...... with the same person ;) "

Bas meen yefham ;)

Actually, nowadays I doubt that they even fall in love once :)
They go through different unjustified feelings that can be anything but love. Love is the answer but the question should always be re-phrased :)

"There is no way to win against your wife. You both win or both lose."

hmmmm, true to a great extent. They both win and they both lose as far as they are team players, which isn't always the case :)

amina said...

why the pessimistic look for no.2 ya nourita and shimaa?

nourita said...
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nourita said...

i'm not pessistic but a bit realistic
I'd love to fall in love with the same person million & million of times and live happily forever...but let me ask you a question:
how many couples do u know are living that?

raghda said...

if u allow me to answer u...i know several ideal couples living this...falling in love every moment...rabbena yezedhom sa3ada...
i agree that its hard to find...i'm even not sure if i can really understand that feeling exactly....but its existed...i hope u and everybody live that...

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Amina & Raghda

Though I am a believer of true love but I will go with Nourita.
People usually fall in love then fall out of love. To fall in love again is hard, to fall in love again with the same person is harder.
Because leaving the warm grounds of love to the cold grounds of problems leave scars on the delicate surface of the relation. To fall in love again requires a flawless surface. So if it is hard to fall in love again in general it will be harder to fall in love again with the person who caused the scars.
It is always easy to do, hard to undo and sometimes impossible to mend certain things.
That's why I believe that "Successful marriage requires falling in love many times ...... with the same person " might be a good advice, or a benchmark that couples should try to achieve but it is not something that everyone can do.
Not to mention those who mistake other feelings for love and call it love. Those can never fall in love again with the same person, because they never loved him at the 1st place.

كبر دماغك said...

eih ya 3am el kalam dah?
so true ya mohaly

all true ya moh :D

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Anonymous said...

"Successful marriage requires falling in love many times ...... with the same person ;) "
I realy HATE traditional husband , love is like a fuel every now and then we have to renew it otherwise it ( relation ) will be very boring . I won't be a traditional wife , i want to enjoy my life to the maximum with my soul-mate