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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

328) No need to be Lebanese!

Job Vacancy in Baabda/Lebanon
Job position : Lebanese President
Contract Duration : 6 years (extended if required)
Responsibilities: Ruling a small crazy country
Benefits : Whatever you can get
Age : 5+ to 105+ years
Please send 2 copies of your CV to : Bashar@damascus.no and Condy@Everywhere.usa
For non discrimination, we accept Ladies...Candidates will be contacted soon.''
Note: No Need to be Lebanese''

This is what what the beautiful country of Lebanon has reached today!!


just a reader said...

why dont u run for elections there ya mohaly, to start making the difference. we r gonna support u

Mohaly said...

la ya 3am, akhaf 3ala nafse men el fetna!
7ad bardo yeb2a ra2es nancy, we haifa, we rola, we razan, ... etc.

khaleena hena b2adabna a7san :)

Shimaa Gamal said...

tayeb aroo7 ana :)

ana mesh shayfa shart en el female candidates yekoono bananas :)