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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

340) Mohaly in Hajj - BLOG BREAK!

Dear Blog Readers,

I am going to Hajj in couple of hours. The blog will not be updated for the coming 2 weeks (till Dec 27th) as I am taking a break from Life with no access to anything. However, You are welcome to raise any topic on this post comments or comment on the previous ones.

After I am back in-shaa-Allah, I will have more to say about the bright & dark sides of Egypt, Hajj experience, and a day by day report about
Moh@ly blog 1st field trip carried out by the TWIN MINDS late December!

Join us (Mohaly & Gypo) after 2 weeks... HAPPY EID & MERRY CHRISTMAS :)))

Will miss you all,


embee said...

حج مبرور و ذنب مفغور إن شاء الله
This is totally awesome ya dude! Waiting for your comeback !

Just a reader said...

حج مبرور و ذنب مفغور إن شاء الله

Dont forget to pray for all Muslims

كبر دماغك said...

masha allah
mabrouk ed3ly
takabal allh insha allah
ana ba2aly keteer madkhaltesh 3andak w lama agy dkhoul ala2eek safert!
anyway terga3 bel salamah:)

Fadfadation said...

Zanbon ma3'foor waa Hajon mabroon ya Mohay and ur mate iSA :)

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

تروح وترجع بالسلامة

وربنا يتقبل منك ان شاء الله

ولما ترجع يا ريت تحكى لنا عن التصرفات التى رأيتها والتى لا تناسب جلال الموقف والمكان

انا يمكن محجتش بس عملت عمرة، وشفت بعينى محدش قال لى الناس هناك ملهية اكثر من هنا

على العموم ربنا ان شاء الله يجعله حج مبارك وتستمتع برحلتك الروحانية

Shimaa Gamal said...

Alf mabrook

7eg mabroor we zanb ma3'foor isa :)

Mohaly said...

Thanks a million everyone, Gazakom Allah kol kheir, I prayed for you all :)