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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

339) FUN::: Egyptian Adabtability!

I like the great ability of our (Egyptian) people to adapt to any situation and know how to have fun under any circumstances!



omar said...

Only in Egypt
Sabah el kheeeeeeeeeeir

Gypo said...

lamo2akhza ana mesh fahem 7aga men el soora.
howwa a3ed fe eh aslan?
I can see that he's smoking the (mighty bong, as they call it here)

★●Shadow Stalker●★ said...

Umm.. We, Indians can also adopt to any situation & condition, that's why you see Indians all over the world wherever people live.

It was nice visiting your blog, keep posting more about your country as I'm quite interested in the history of Egypt & its people.


Mohaly said...

he is smoking shisha in a nos-na2l ya gypo :)

Shadow Stalker: welcome to the blog and please note that it reflects both bright and dark sides of our beloved Egypt so that we can always be objective. Hope to see you more often on the blog.

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

egypt's trade mark
extracting fun from any situation they go through ...

how did you get this picture :)