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Sunday, December 2, 2007

332) Personal ::: Weclome to 30s ya Tamer :)

Today is the birthday of one this blog stars, one of my very close friends, and flat-mate in hurghada during the past 4 years....the one whom you can run too when you feel down, and he can work his magic on you to get you up again... MR. TAMER MOKHTAR, Happy Birthday and Welcome to the 30s :)


P.S. you can see how much we agree on everything :)


omar said...

ya alf Happy Birthday ya Titi :)))

Tamer Mokhtar said...

hie hie :D
Bet7regny ya Mohaly tab a2ool eah :)
i know enak mabsoot eny ba2eet 30, bass i was checking with people that they don't know my real age, and all agreed that i'm only 24 years old (maximum):D

My explanation is that this 6 years difference consumed in laughing so not counted.

We thanks ya Omar, 3ayzeen neshofak orayeb ISA :)

L.G. said...

عيد سعيد يا تامر وعمر مديد في الخير يارب بس قلنا أخبارك ايه لما قلبت معاك صفر ( دخلت عقد جديد من العمر الثلاثينات يعني ) للتوضيح مادام العربي بتاعي عامل أزمة بوضح أفكاري أهه يا عمر