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Monday, December 31, 2007

345) 2007 Milestone!

Everyone of us should sit with him/herself tonight for an hour or 2 and think about what did he/she achieve or miss in 2007 and what he/she wanna change/keep and achieve in 2008.

The best celebration is to know that your overall score in life is getting better not worse even if it is worse in some parts.The secret of satisfaction is that you should deeply believe that you are good but can be better. Balance your spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional needs, and you will be granted happiness and satisfaction.

May Allah make our best days, our last days in our lives, and grant us all "a good closure" in donya, and "placement in heaven" in akhra.

Kol Sana Wentom game3an bekheer, and I love you all even if you don't :)



omar said...

Rabena yeg3ala sana sa3eeda 3alena game3an :)

Fadfadation said...

A7abak Allah Alazy A7babtana Feeh ya &ag Mohaly ;)

Sohad said...

I have an important question . Do you keep a scorecard to calculate your yearly objective targets fulfillment? .I started to do what you are saying 6 years ago, yet I feel that I overwhelm myself with too many targets or blame myself for having too little and that I am wasting my life wee batdala3..

Mohaly said...

Yes I do, and on sophisticated excel sheets with KPIs and Budgets ... A little corporation myself :)

I achieved in all the years except last year that had the biggest Naksa coz of the impact of thawra and personal issues.

Sohad said...

Wow..very impressive. I expected the excell sheet & the budget, but not the KPI's..:)).

Mesh 2ay corporate dee leading multinational keda:)