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Thursday, December 6, 2007

334) Orga or Meca Wife?!

In the last post some of you said that one of the hidden and major reasons for divorce is sex. Japan has invented a new robot that resembles the human figure, voice, movements..etc and is promoting it as the alternative wife for EVERYTHING including sex!! What I heard lately in a TV show that they are producing a male version as well and going on with the development of more smooth and natural robots!

This reminds me of AI movie where people are classified into ORGA (organic) & MECA (mechanical)...but the question is, can really a robot replace a female (or male) in bed, & can a person have a normal sex life -with the wife or husband- simultaneously or will it create problems close to sole sex acts (like masturbation)?

We 3agabi!! 3eshna we shofna!



Tamer Mokhtar said...

hie hie :D
I can expect that this topic will exceed the 1000 comments :)

i'll explore with you the 10 positive points :

1) will be available anytime, or it has lifetime? Working with battery? Charger? it needs spare parts?
2) will be customizable, size, tall, color!
3) for the sound effects you can mute, make up or down.
4) you don't need to feed it.
5) will not ask for money!
6) will not ask for drinks!
7) you can make it with more than one without spending time & effort to convince!

8) using the technology, to measure the performance and give alerts or tell you if you beat the high score :)

9) she will not complain and make problems with family, and neighbours.

10) the remote control will be with one person only 
I know this dirty, but as you know now I’m dirty years old 

omar said...

although all what u said tamer makes sense, but talking seriously this can have a negative effect on marriage and create even more problems.

Tamer Mokhtar said...

Marriage is totally something different as it's long term relation if u can stand :) family, kids, commitment :) and that reboot doesn't have :D

bo2bo2 said...

ya nhar eswed this is what worries u and what ur thinking of

sex that's it

with the current state of AI development and mechanics a robot can be programmed to have a simulated emotions

a robot can really fall in love with you if u guyz remember the movie AI with the little kid loving his mother that really got attached to "Him" the robot

now my case is clearer

will man replace a "wife" with a robot not just to be a "sex toy"

she can feel his love and respond back with a machine rendition of love, hate who he hates and make a convenient conversation with human beings

worse we don't even have to worry about kind preservation a man can have himself cloned or go to a zygote bank and even have the robot as the nursing environment till the baby is mature enough to be delivered

i am really surprised all u think about is sex

omar said...

ya Bo2bo2: if read the post and comments again, you will find it talking about Orga or Meca wife in general and focusing on sex as it is the most intimate part in a relation that -with all my respect- cant be replaced by a robot.

Tamer Mokhtar said...

i agree that Bo2bo2 didn't get the message clear, even the 10 positive points not all focusing on sex :)

but Bo2bo2 as a geek, should be looking from different angel ;)

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

oh god?? she looks scary!!

personally i prefer an Orga husband ... who is passionate, caring, sharing, flesh and blood, and attentive!!

i think that the Sci Fi movies have a bad impact on the japanese ... those people are bringing humanity to doommm

ya3 ya3 ya3

bo2bo2 said...

suggested movie
imdb link

by father of Manga and creator of the comics "Astro boy " or as know in arab kids born in the late 70s "koki"

Osamu Tezuka

bo2bo2 said...

ur looking for a japanese cartoon movie with english subtitles

Shimaa Gamal said...

This reminds me of an old movie (kan beyegy 3ala channel 2 el masrya abl ekhtera3 el fada2yat)
The movie was about a robot, that looks like a man, acts like a man, the the pysical power of a man we zay el 2amar :) who serves a woman. bey3mel kol 7aga i.e. zay el masal beta3 khodelek ragel bel nahar ageer wel beliel 3'afeer.
but he wasn't programmed to have sex. That machine came with a warning en el sex is to be used cautiously. tab3an the single and lonely woman ended up uploading sex lel robot to enjoy the perfect man elly bet7arakoh with a button, lel asaf el shadeed it ended up en that robot started feeling jealous, started to take things in hand ... ya3ny mn el akhier 2alab ragel begad and he killed his owner.

I have always wanted to have a robot like that. mesh 3ashan to end up killed by him/ it. bas the idea en el wa7ed to have a partner mesh beygeeb waga3 dema3'. a partner momken yedoos 3ala zorar el off. partner programmed to thank, to help, to listen, to support ... etc
To have an unselfish man is a miracle.
I will replace an Orga husband with a Meca one. and I will encourage all men to replace Orga wives with robots.

el moshekla ba2a, en el wa7ed yegeeb robot chinese :) wala ba3d keda nela2y robots ta2feel masry ... we tebtedy ba2a 3o2det el khawaga ... we kol wa7da te3'eez sa7ebeteha bel robot zay ma el banat bet3'eez sa7bataha bel 3arees el lo2ta :)
we badal ma el ab ye2ool ana gayeb le benty a7san farsh fi masr, ye2ool ana gayblaha a7san robot fi masr :)
bas on the other hand, men can find meca wives bel ta2seet el moreee7 :)

the thing is, en mafhoom el gawaz koloh haykhtafy :)

Still, I want one :) mesh mohem ay 7aga :)

Tamer Mokhtar said...

LOL, i enjoyed reading your comment ya Shimaa, i totally like your approach hehehe

tell me when ur birthday and i gonna send on as gift, special modification s can be handled as well

Shimaa Gamal said...

August 20 ya Tamer ;) I will be waiting for one :) :) :)
bas etwasa ;) we balash el chinesee ;)

Tamer Mokhtar said...

:) Egyptian robot was doing a good job, during the testing phase.

The one problem that it's programed to sing the national anthem before & after the mission is done.

Reporters said this is something weak, and the voice is loud. so people can easy determine, and also counting :D

The mute option is really needed here :)