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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

620) Sexual Frustration in Egypt!

You may expect a long post for such title, but I just have very quick related questions that may lead to much longer answers, and may be other parts of the post:

1. Are Egyptians (in general) sexually frustrated whether they are married or not?
2. Why?
3. What kind of effect this frustration (if yes) has on the quality of life in this country specially Cairo?



karina said...

YES and YES, manifested by ogling and not keeping their hands to themselves!

amina said...

1. Yes
2. men look down to women, just a tool for pleasure not understanding the real meaning of such relation
3. not happy at home not happy at work and no production

Shimaa Gamal said...

I like the picture :) It is worth a 1000 words.

Yes, Egyptians are sexually frustrated, whether they are married or not.

Why, I think it is because sex is an important aspect of the Egyptian life. Everything hints to sex, something mwgooda mn zaman.

But apparently people these days, especially men, believe they are not having enough. Or maybe they think they should be having more.

Fa this creats different levels of frustration depending ba2a el akh fi anhy 7eta mn el satisfaction.
I think married people might be more frustrated, le2nhom they got dissappointed. I know of many women and I am sure that in return of each dissappointed woman there is a dissappointed man somewhere.

It is affecting the quality of life in Cairo le2n men, who are suffering from other issues (identity mainly) and because some how men grew up relating their superiorty and identity as men by their sexual ability fa they go around trying to prove they are men by posing sex in every sitiuation they can. mo3aksa ba2a, wondering hands, kalam 2aleel el adab, or even multiple relations with women.

el relations di ba2a harms the community even more than the harrasments. le2n el harrasments are still a crime, but tricking women into sexual relations isn't a crime according to law. And it hurts the community more. It feeds many negative feelings.
and tekhaly wa7ed "...." ye3mel group 3ala el facebook to define el banat el mosta3mala, the idea of calling a human enoh mosta3mal or not. the idea of framing women to be sex toys, or the creatures God created to please men, and nothing pleases men as sex, this idea is a direct result of the sexual frustration or may be it is the reason behind it. It is just an infinite loop.

Maha Aly said...

Mohaly, a very short & straight to the point post that needs a very long reply. But i have a very simple reply instead.
1. YES
2. Simply, because they did not receive any sex education "whether from schools or parents" & the word "sex" is a taboo in Egypt.
3.Some ppl are thinking too much about this issue, frustration & distraction is not an easy thing to be handled, some even get married JUST FOR SEX & then reality hits.
What do u mean by quality of life? mmmm, in EGYPT ??!! & CAIRO ?!
PPl are struggeling to live their life day by day, akeed they don't think about the quality.

Anonymous said...

after all our great scholar and poet, Saad El Soghayar Phd once said

'ennaharda farahi ya ged3an'

'some even get married JUST FOR SEX & then reality hits.'

whole industries are built around this. every facet of the marriage industry is tied to the marriage/sex aspect of our society...from the furniture store---->the jeweler-----> ideal-zanussi....

i would as far as to say one of the main reasons for a high divorce rate!

H.A.W. said...

i might answer your first question with a yes.

second question, i dont know.

third question: this might be THE SOMETHING WRONG with people in Egypt.most of them stare in an ïnconvinient" way, act in an impolite way, say words, which i know are "alelet el adab" although i often dont know the meaning.even to a montaqebah. its nothing to do with the girl being pretty or not, where she is, how late it is, in a mall, on street, simply anywhere.
its a general phenomen, which has turned cairo into a place, unsafe to live in unless i know how to protect myself, lock my car door as soon as i enter, keep the wndows up if i am standing in slow traffic, ready to run as fast as i can or scream as loud as i can.

its got nothing to do with social level, poverty, or education.
its very rare i get to see a respectable person on street. with respectable i mean someone keeps his eyes and hands where they belong.even old men.

if you think this is the cause, you might be right, i dont know.
but i might add to this cause also lack of "tarbeyah" from home and schools, the high percentage of unemployment and general emptyness of life. you know what i mean "fada" as if people stopped caring for anything and live just for nothing. as if i see ghosts or robots or strange creatures on streets, not human beings.
as if they lost hope for any future, and therefore dont care much about the results of their actions. msot of young people now live in an emptyness i see it clear in their eyes. you know when you look in an expressionless, blank face?
i am not sure you can track my thoughts, but i feel that there is soemthing wrong with many people arround me.yet dont know exactely what it is or how to handle other than just be precautious.

quality of life for me means soemthing far away from what we have.
remember the "needs" pyramid?
we still cant afford to leave the lowest phase to move to 2nd phase.

but to be honest, i am grateful for all gifts i have and still hope for a real quality life.
mesh 3arfa ezzay :))))

Noblese said...

It has been quite some time I haven't visited Egypt but from what I know/feel:

1. I believe Egyptians are sexually frustrated

2. The whole media, atmosphere, culture is somehow sexized. What adds to that is the tabu/additude itself (nothing before marriage) is causing more pressure.
There is also the arranged mariages where a woman has to marry but for some reason loves another one?!

3. The quality of life lessens; not forgetting that there are many other problems or the day to day issues which have to be solved.
I also think that sex could become a duty which has to be done with.

Hicham said...

Mohaly, I was going to babble about this topic in a post :D but since you already done this, my answeres are:

1. Yes but can't say "ALL" but in general 'Singles' handle the issue in separate way than 'marride' do either males or females.

2. Because 'sex' became a centralized issue in our minds (most of people not all)

3. Of course and harrasment is a proof for this either verbal or physical and no one can deny it.

Still I may babble arround it in a future post but here you go!

orranee said...
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Selma said...

i know the post ur discussing is different but i like to share this with u all:
عدى الحمار
والجاموسة جاية
تتخفى ورا ضل الشجر
وعشان تموت فى السكة
وقفت قدام القطر
وصاحبها عالترعة بيغسل بلغته
جاله خبرها وقع صريع من لبخته
ياهل ترى القطر السريع
اللى عمل حادث مريع
يقدر يرجع له اللى راح
والا راح خلاص يضيع
ابدا.... أبدا يرددها الحمار
حرام كفاياكم دمار
لما يعدى قطر تانى
خلوه يهدى فى المسار
والموت يلف على الشريط
زى مايلف القطار
وعلى قضيبه ياترى
مين فى قايمة الانتظار؟
by an anonymous writer,copied from masrawy.com
شر البلية مايضحك و لا حول و لا قوة إلا بالله

M@YO said...

Yes most of Egyptians are sexually frustrated.

belnesba lel metgawezen momken
1) 7'agal enaha tetlob aw yetlob ay 7aga eltany yeshofha 3'areba fa yekon traditional gedan le daraga momela fa yeo7bat

2) en elragel wel set ba3d elgawaz agsamhom betata7awal bayebda2 elragel yebasbas la fatayat el TV wa tebda2 el set to7bat min shaklo wa min basbasto

3) kaman manenkersh enena fe mogtama3 feh elgawaz bema3ad (most of ppl) ya3ny fe wa2t kda lazem elbent aw 7ata elwalad yetgawez wa7da aw wa7ed momken maye3rafosh 3anhom keter fa aked Sex haykon ashbah be Sex el7aywanat la2eno kolo 3atefa genseya mafesh masha3er 7ob la2eno 3'aleban fel el7ala deh bey2olo eno beyegy ba3d elgawaz bas ba3d elgawaz feen wa emta mosh 3arfa

belnesba la 3'er elmatazawegen
1) elwalad aw elbent yekon 3andohom 3alakat genseya keter min 3'er gawaz tela2ehom 3'aleban fe sera3 nafsy min ele7sas belzamb

2) 3'aleban elbanat el7agat deh testahlekhom 3atefeyan gedan tab3an ana 2a2sod dol ely wa7'den elmawdo3 hewaya mosh mehna wa ba3d elwelad bardo beyestahlako 3atefayan gedan

dol b2a ely fel sora most of them not all tab3an sheyfen 3'aleban mabetkon el7aga elwa7eda ely heya shtra feha enaha moza I mean law e7na fe mogtama3 beyebos lel 3a2l aktar min elgesm kona momken nela2y banat aktar keter tahtam be gamal 3a2laha a7tar min gesmaha aw @ least beside gesmaha fa kanet hateb2a elsora very different

ya ret tefhamo elfarancoarab dah bas dah mesa3adny aktar fel ta3ber

hamdi el wazeer said...

shame on you mohaly for restricting freedom of speech! what makes you better than the people you preach/whine about constantly on your blog!

you my sir have something against GAY PEOPLE!

H.A.W. said...

@ hamdi el wazeer
the only restriction Mohaly puts on this blog is hurting someone's pride or attacking personal freedom of a specific person by name.
its when freedom of speech hurts/attacks specified persons, this is what he doesnt like to have on his blog. neither do most of the readers here.

this concept is different than disucssing a problem or a topic we all face as egyptians- but without naming any specific person.
here he opens general topics for discussion in a respectable way for all of us to benefit.

whatever his personal opinion about a specific topic is, he never judges or damns someone else for choosing his own way of life.

his respectable, decent and open-minded way of discussing his posts, is the reason why this blog gains new readers everyday.

i would advise you to read other posts of the blog and comments on them as well, to be able to judge the blog and its owner in a better way.

Mohaly said...

Dear Blog Readers,

You have always known that I have opened the floor for all my dear members and readers.

However, for the first time in myblog I have deleted today a comment that is tackling "a3rad" some people, and this is something I can't accept and has nothing to do with freedom of speech, coz my perception is that your freedom ends if it started affecting others freedom.

in the 12 comment on this post someone called Hamdi El Wazeer (!!!) accused me of not allowing freedom of speech and having something against gay people.
I will reply to prove to him that he really doesnt know me:
1. The reply that I deleted was mocking a3rad 3 actors, and this is simply not allowed, and I will keep on deleting anything that gets into this area (a3ard), and that is my right.
2. I have never deleted an opinion, thought, or even crtisim ( I am keeping yours where u hailed the shame on me).
3. If you read my post about sexual orientation you will know my opinion about gay people (opinion no.1), and I dont think this against them, but your comment that I deleted was the one against.
4. You are welcomed to share and comment in this blog, but if you insist on using such way, I don't think the audience here will tolerate such attitude. I can't speak on their behalf, but I think so from my experience with them since early 2007.
5. I never claimed that I am better than anyone, and if you consider my writings as whining, then I advise you to save the trouble of reading it as in this case it is a waste of your time.

I am sorry for the long comment/reply, but I owe it to myself and the readers of the blog.


amina said...

shame on you "Hamdi" it seems that you doesnt understand the difference between freedom of speech and rudeness. Your 1st comment was really provoking and if I was managing the blog I would have deleted it immdiately. Your 2nd comment shows that you don't apply what you accuse people of on yourself.
this blog is one of the most respectful blogs I have read, and I totally support mohaly in what he wrote.

amina maher
Blog reader since 2007

Maha Aly said...

Well Said dear H.A.W and i totally agree.

Mohaly, it's not a long reply ... you owe it to yourself & to US "your blog readers" !!

hamdi el wazeer said...

if you consider '(a3ard)' which i marginally translate as defaming, then you deem and consider homosexuality as anathema. i am remise that a so called thinker/liberal intellectual actually thinks this way. you hide behind your facade of liberal tolerance, yet you are seething with angst and hatred!

FYI your blog has been placed on an international HOMOPHOBIC watchlist!

H.A.W. said...

@ hamdi - i delibertly wont continue the name the you have chosen for yourself.

if you have reported this blog to be internationally watched for whatever reason- then good, because whoever would watch or control from inside or outside Egypt, would get to judge the blog and its owner based on professional aspects, giving him the respect and recognition he really deserves.

i would encourage you and those who would "watch" the blog to read the posts under "sexual orientation".
part I, posted on 19th March 2007- to check his opinion in this regard.

on 21st march 2007 there is a post from "Anonymous" adn Mohaly's reply to him. would be interesting for the watchers to read.

and in part II- as well, please read Mohaly's last comment.

i would also encourage them to check with Mohaly about your comment, which he deleted- to judge you.

on the other hand, the persons, who you mentioned in the deleted comment, should be informed about it to take legal actions aginst you for publicly insulting them NO official evidence or legal right, as well as for transpassing their personal freedom.

as for the hiding aspect, he doesnt hide, nor does anyone here. there is nothing to hide, sir.
whoever follows this blog can sense the extreme transparency in its owner's and follower's writings.

Sir, i would advise you to stop using this name you have chosen. it might get you in legal troubles if the real Mr. Hamdi el Wazeer is informed about involving his name in attacking others.

Hicham said...

Mohaly, thanks for respecting us (as usual) by explaining what happened because -as usual in the Arab world- freedom is misused by dealing with (A3rad), and here I use your term.

As for Mr. Hamdi El-Wazeer (the commentator), it's notable that you were able to know the content of the deleted comment placed by another reader, something that made you angry like this and accuse Mohaly with this "shame one you"

p.s. Administrators of a blog can trace your IP-Address via your comment(s) in case you don't know so you should be concerned on their 'WatchList'

Omar Rostom said...

If you know Mohaly in person you would have never say that

If you have the courage and dignity u would have used ur real name

If you checked all this comments supporting mohaly without without any benefit from him, you would have known that he is an honest person who doesnt hide other intensions. I have seen him in manuy situations that makes me proud to be his friend.

and what did he do wrong, he warned u in pervious post, and then deleted it when u insisted to use such language in this blog and that is his right.

mohaly was and will be a respected moderate unbaised intellectual (he is liberal to the extent to have a gay friendly blog and he doesnt have to, if u are looking for one, then not here. and not being gay friendly doesnt have to be homophobic".

by the way My Name is Omar Rostom and my blog is el Hawa hawa, and I will be honored if you have my blog watched for homophobic as well.

Hamdi or whomever you are, on behalf of the blog readers, I want to tell you that you are not welcomed in this blog not because of being Gay but because of being RUDE and being someone who have no idea about LIBERAL and RESPECTFUL discussion , someone who doesnt hear anyone but himself.

Mohaly has answered u in the most professional way, he even invited u to continue in the blog, but kept on attacking him with rude and unacceptable words. Man you are sick!

i regret the time i had to write to u but i owe it to mohaly

ahmed said...

back to sexual frustration:
بقلم خالد منتصر ٢٨/ ١٠/ ٢٠٠٩
أكبر خطر تتعرض له علاقاتنا الجنسية حين تتحول من وصال إلى فصال !، حين يتحول الجنس إلى عملية بيع وشراء ومساومة وبورصة ومعاملات بنكية وربح وخسارة، وتتحول غرفة النوم إلى ساحة عراك فى سوق المال، يباع فيها الجسد مقابل طلب مؤجل، وتشترى فيها الرغبة لقاء لحظة سمسرة.

كثيراً ما نرى زوجة تتمنع على زوجها، تخطيطاً لمؤامرة لا تكتمل خطواتها الأخيرة إلا عند التحام جسد الزوج بها وارتفاع حرارة الشبق وسخونة الرغبة، فتلقى فى أذنه بطلباتها المؤجلة دفعة واحدة، وتتراوح هذه الطلبات بين مجرد موافقة على زيارة الأم والتوقيع على قطعة الأرض، التى يمتلكها ويعتبرها أغلى من أبنائه!،

وكثيراً ما نرى زوجاً يعاقب زوجته من خلال كسرها جنسياً، من خلال قهر رغباتها أو إجبارها على أوضاع تكرهها، كل هذا لمجرد إذلالها وكسر أنفها كما يدعى، وهكذا تتحول غرفة النوم إلى ساحة صراعات وتصفية حسابات، ما نغطى عليه ونهرب من مواجهته نهاراً يصبح ليلاً هو همنا وثأرنا وكرامتنا التى يجب أن ننتقم لها من خلال مناورات الجسد ومساومات الرغبة ومراهنات اللذة .

لا تمارس الجنس كزائر من زوار بيوت الهوى كل همه اقتناص المتعة السريعة، ولا تمارسى الجنس كمعادلة اقتصادية، الجسد مقابل خدمة، واللذة مقابل ثمن، الوصال قبل الفصال.. وإلا تحول الجنس، أرقى العلاقات الإنسانية، إلى أحقر سلوك وأبشع علاقة، حافظا عليه من ذوبان صدقه وانصهار بريقه فى مستنقع الزيف والكذب الأسود والتمثيل الردىء.

الرجل العربى كثيراً ما يمارس الجنس كروتين مفروض عليه، أو يؤديه حتى لا يتهم بالتقصير فى أداء الواجب ( لاحظ كلمة الواجب)!، وأحياناً يؤديه كجزء من طقس دينى مأمور بتنفيذه حتى لا يغضب الرب عليه ويحاسبه على سلبيته مع رفيقة الفراش!،

وأحياناً بل كثيراً ما يمارس الرجل العربى الجنس كتجربة للاطمئنان على فحولته ورجولته، يعنى باختصار يستخدم زوجته كمركز صيانة لأعضائه التناسلية، وتليين لأجهزته الحساسة، يطمئن داخلها على نفسه وعلى موتوره الجنسى، ويفحص من خلالها دينامو ذكورته المرتعشة المرتعدة، الرجل العربى مثل موظف الأرشيف الذى يطالبه المدير بتسديد خانات الاستمارات والحسابات وفبركتها وتستيفها !!،

يعنى المهم المظهر النهائى ورضا وكيل الوزارة، الجنس عنده هو مجرد سد خانة، يمارسه بنهم الجائع لا بمتعة المتذوق، ويؤديه بشعور الأنانى لا بإحساس المشارك .

الجنس لمجرد الغرض البيولوجى يفرز لنا رجلاً يتبول نطفاً داخل زوجته !، أعرف أنها عبارة صادمة، لكنها لن تكون مثل صدمة العلاقات الجنسية فى البيوت العربية، علاقات مزيفة، ترتدى أقنعة تنكرية، فى مسرحية هزلية عبثية، يضحك فيها الجميع على الجميع، ويسخر فيها الكل من الكل، والمصيبة أنهم يتخيلون أنهم يعيشون علاقة حقيقية .

الجنس السد خانة خيانة، ولكنها خيانة شرعية حلال برعاية المجتمع وتشجيعه، الجنس السد خانة اغتصاب مقنن بورقة زواج من مأذون واثنين شهود، الجنس السد خانة فضيحة تتمدد لتحتل البيوت العربية من المحيط إلى الخليج، فضيحة تميزنا مثل حرف الضاد!، الجنس السد خانة انتحار جماعى لرجالنا ونسائنا فى غرف نومنا، ما نحلم به فى سرائرنا يموت ويغتال على سرايرنا!.

M@YO said...

Hamdi you should know what is freedom is and to what limit it is
it is better for you man, to be a real man.

Ahmed I agree with you we should go back toour discussion and comments.

I like what Khaled Montaser said but what about "حرف الضاد"

amina said...

he uses very shocking words in this article.

OMG is that true?

Maha Aly said...

shocking article .. Not for its contents, but for the way it was written !

Nouna said...

Hamdi, eih da...?!! Mohaly is one of those people who see the good in everyone and he does not deserve to blame him hardly even if he removed your comment coz he just did what should be done. I really dunno why you are insisting to use famous people’s personal lives as a material in your comments even after telling you before that this language is hard to catch here in M . O . H . @ . L . Y . I . C . S the most respectful blog ever.( no exaggeration)
I am a blog-reader since july 2007 and based on that I assure that if you follow up Mohaly’s writings and thoughts, you will be amazed about the amount of passion with which he does his work and how he always has the perfect things to say.

Mohaly, count your blessings dear, you are very successful and fulfilled on your own, very creative like an artist... and how valuable you are. Let the sun break out and let the music play again by your new article.

1) Yes.
2) Coz people (mostly) want a husband/wife for the sake of it!
3) Sex without love is like food without taste; and this may lead to divorce - so, they have to count more on respect, understanding and love.

H.A.W. said...

actually both, the content and the language. but guess this is exactely what the writer wanted. to shock us with the news, i mean to get your attention.
but anyway, i recently read an article about abuse of women and children, where it was stated this kind of abuse. it was also mentioned that some wives reported the abuse to the police asking for a law to be issued against this kind of aggressiveness, but authorities said they can hardly do anything about it, as they are leagally married!!!
what i dont understand is the why the aggressive approach?
which one starts and leads to the otherone? sexual frustration leads to this aggressiveness or the other way round?
and why would someone be that aggressive to hsi wife?

the article ahmad shared speaks about gulf and the west side of arab world, so its not egypt only.
tayeb, if we say the hard daily life and poverty in egypt could be some of the causes, what's their problem? no poverty and no hard daily life?
is it in the arabic nature? dont think so.i dont beleive in generalizing, as we are at the end individuals each with very different life details.
but from this article, Mohaly's post and the article i read- seems we its a general problem we are facing.

and what scares me ba2a, how children of such marriages live? what do they get to see or hear?
would we be dealing with a psychologically unstable new generation?

mesh 3arfa ya ahmad, but your article doesnt sound optimistic khales.

ahmed said...

and who said it is not ya HAW?

Mohaly said...

Thank you my readers, I am really glad that I have such supporters, at the least there is a good side of this attack.

Ze2red Hanem El-Darmaly said...

I was just catching up, and didn't expect to read what i just read.

I didn't like what hamdi whoever had to say... it's his screen and browser, ya seedy close the window if you don't like what you read, but don't insult people on their own blogs. It's like if you are being totally rude at someone's home and you are just a visitor.

about the topic ba2a :D
i loved the picture, it says so much. and well done everyone, you said it all.

Mohaly said...

Thanks Ze2red hanem :)

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女に生れて来たからには!! said...

誰にも言えない秘密があります。実はとってもHなんです、せっかく女として生まれたからにはアブノーマルな世界に飛び込んでみたいです☆普段では考えられないプレイを思う存分楽しみ、経験したいんです♪快楽に溺れさせてくれませんか?一緒に感じ合いましょう!!都合はつくのですぐに時間を合わせられます。18歳よりも上の方がいいです!! quietness@docomo.ne.jp

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R.'Eltayeb said...

Although I dont know you, and at the same time that you are showing the bad side of you, I’m sure that there is also a good side inside you and that is whom I’m talking to. I’m gonna judge you severely and I wont blame you for your own misdeeds, simply bcoz that’s not my job. but I really cant find an excuse for your weird attitude! we should respect each other. well, I’d say the Divil had a hand in that, and regardless of your unknown reasons, I will ask you nicely to stop your silly chinese comments. try to kill what the Divil has planted rather than giving it the chance to grow. if you dont struggle against what is wrong, you will never find the right road, therefore, always be prepared for receiving the signal from Allah(SWT); otherwise you either miss an opportunity to promote yourself or lose the battle.
Thank you (in advance) for understanding.

R.'Eltayeb said...

Typo: I’m not gonna judge you severely ...

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一人暮らし寂しいよ~(泣)誰かお家遊びにきてくれないかなぁ?休みの日とかも全然予定ありません。料理作るの得意だから来てくれたら食べてほしいな♪見た目は悪くないと思うから安心してください!(笑)細かい事は気にしないけど18歳未満の人は微妙かな、気軽に仲良くしてください milky-yukinko@docomo.ne.jp

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人妻だけどセフレ募集しちゃいます!こんな女嫌かなぁ?新しい刺激欲しいし旦那以外の男性としてみたいな。エッチのテクはそれなりに自信あるよ、フェラとか上手いってよく褒められます。年上は何歳まででもOKだけど年下は18歳までが限界かな、楽しみたい人いたら気軽によろしくね♪ enjoy-smile.of.happiness@docomo.ne.jp

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In Islam Nikkah is a word used for marriage or so I've heard. I've also heard that Nikkah literally translates to penetrate lol do I need to say more? So the whole idea of marriage for Islam and Muslims have become about sex and nothing more. There's also a lot of poverty in Egypt and the men cannot afford wives because they can't afford the dowry and so they stay unmarried. Now they're 30, unmarried, and have never had female contact and all they see on t.v is sex especially on western shows.Now that doesn't excuse them from their piggish behavior, but that's the truth. It's Islam, the culture, and the economy to blame.

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Economy, frustration, suppression..etc yes..and WRONG understanding of Islam..

By getting married you are not just getting a wife, you are getting your whole world. From now until the rest of your days your wife will be your partner, your companion, and your best friend.

She will share your moments, your days, and your years. She will share your joys and sorrows, your successes and failures, your dreams and your fears. When you are ill, she will take the best care of you; when you need help, she will do all she can for you;

When you have a secret, she will keep it; when you need advice, she will give you the best advice. She will always be with you: when you wake up in the morning the first thing your eyes will see will be hers; during the day, she will be with you, if for a moment she is not with you by her physical body, she will be thinking of you, praying for you with all her heart, mind, and soul; when you go to sleep at night, the last thing your eyes will see will be her; and when you are asleep you will still see her in your dreams. In short, she will be your whole world and you will be her whole world.

The best description that I personally have ever read describing the closeness of the spouses to each other is the Qur'anic verse which says: "they are your garments and you are their garments" (Surah Al Baqarah 2:187).