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Thursday, October 29, 2009

621) Queries about their "Excellencies"!

Why, and on what basis, are the ministers appointed?
Why, and on what basis, are the ministers impeached?
Why do the ministers resign? (actually the right form is: Does the ministers really resign?)
Who appoints the ministers?
What is the role of the Prime Minister in Egypt?
How are the ministers evaluated in Egypt?
What are the actions taken for or against ministers in Egypt?

What is common between all the previous questions?



Maha Aly said...

These questions should be asked to ministers themselves & i bet they know the answers :)

ahmed said...

Maha, I bet they don't know the answers.

Maha Aly said...

Ahmed, i really meant they "don't" know, but it was missing while typing :)))

H.A.W. said...

The one who has all answers,mohaly,wont care to explain his reasons to any of us.ma3lesh be patient shewaya kaman.things will change.bas lets pray that they move in the right direction.
Till then keep ur spirit because WE will have to try to balance between reasonable,constructive change and the destructive, violent, blind angery change.

H.A.W. said...

Short answer because of the exam tom.to be continued tomorrow night. :-D

Mohaly said...

Sa7, the common answer that THEY DONT KNOW!!

if u dont know why u r hired, why u r fired, and what is ur KPIs, do you expect a real performance?!

I simply just cant blame the ministers, it is the whole system that needs to be revised to match with our country's goals (if there are any!).

Howa ommal wezaret el tanmia el 2edarya bete3mel eih?

H.A.W. said...

Mohaly,i'd like to add to your questions one more, maybe we could understand anything:
why doesnt the one who nominates ministers, executives, or any position- believe in fields of expertise? why isnt that aspect taken into consideration when soemone is appointed for a position? academic knowledge and studies?
you might appoint someone in a certain position because of his extremely good managerial skills, regadless of his field of study/work. but then you would be counting on someone else to do the operational job.ya3ni soemone who has the knowledge in this field, so that both complete eachother.
tayeb his councllers? management consulting? deputies? executives?
none of these levels has the needed knowledge?
if yes, would his opinion count, or none would "teach" H.E. what to do, and we are facing a one-man-show?

hasnt anyone heard of long term planning? any kind of planning tayeb?

i wouldnt blame ministers for their mistakes, but you know, i would blame most of them for taking over a task s/he doesnt understand, wont fulfill, and not competent to take over.
guess a "No" here would save my pride, if it was me.

Noly said...

wezaret el tanmeya el edareya betedy courses ICDL lel mowatenen ya Mohaly msh fadya :)
ah neset byb2a feh bonus kman lel awa2el 100 L.E :). 3ayz aktr mn keda eh ba2a e7na hanetma3 :D!

Hicham said...

Mohaly, although I am not into politics but I say the common answer is that experts of in the corresponding fields are not appointed.

On the other hand, look how people struggle (either government/right/left) on the political positions away from making discussions on how to achieve the development.

Maha Aly said...

H.A.W .... enty akeed bethazary !!!
field of expertise & long term planning? in our government ?
homa akherhom el kheta elkhamseya da law et3amal menha 7aga :)

Nouna said...

Basis: ally ne3rafo a7ssan men ally mane3rafoush!”
Common: Esteshal, 7’eba, kassal....etc
The busiest people I have known in my life always have time enough to think and to realize their goals, actually they have time to do everything. But those who do nothing are always tired and pay no attention aslan to the little amount of work they are required to do. The truth is, they are afraid to do good things coz 7’alass they used to do nothing.

sylvia said...

ministers don't resign, they leave their chairs unwillingly only when they are forced to or as we say only "hefzan lema2 el wagh" zay wazir el transportation.. they only quit after el mossiba ma te7ssal but not before that!

ref. your last question, the common thing to me is "shallou Aldo we gabo Shaheen"!

H.A.W. said...

No ya maha, i am not joking.
el kheta elkhamseya was a terminology they used about 20 years ago. helw?
now they say that theya re adopting "fekr gedid" aho planning and field of expertise is the "fekr gedid". now they have to prove they want to change.
and i am not asking for a mericle, just that whoever takes over should know what to do. bas keda.
simplest way to save money, time and energy.

this one is like any other vacancy. needs to be filled by someone who can do the job and achieve the targets. whats the mericle about that?
if they dont know who to get, why doesnt anyone consult a spcialized company? outsource the service and get best caliber? why does it have to be one of the old faces? why not soemone new?
like Mohaly said : wezaret el tanmia el 2edarya bete3mel eih?
shouldnt they know about such issues?

bossi, i know its a dream, but my dreams reach to the moon :)))

H.A.W. said...

sylvia, i liked so much the last comment.
"shallou Aldo we gabo Shaheen"!
very specific description of what will happen :)))
begad moot men el de7k 3aleha

sylvia said...

kewayess that I've made you laugh:) ya H.A.W