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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

618) Being Yourself :: Episode 8: Being Clean!

Being a clean person is shirnking in this country to the extent that normal acts of cleanliness is now considered as part of the precautions of an pandemic! (see 570)
The problem is that many people I have seen myself -including me- are sometimes mocked at because they take an action against this anti-cleanliness campaign, and unfortunately some of them just can't be themselves and back-off.
Why? afraid from others, just don't want problem,...etc. Whatever the reason is. If you are a clean person, and you want to see your house, car, street, garden...etc clean.... JUST BE YOURSELF and do what you feel right about it even if people didnt agree or even mocked you. I did it once and went cleaning the middle sidewalk in the street, people were looking at me like an alien, SO WHAT, but by the end of the day, at least I am enjoying a clean middle sidewalk even if it lasts for couple of days, and those who know me and have seen me doing it, they didnt dare to make it dirty at least infront of me. Things don't get dirty by itself, but through those who throw stuff, and others who don't take an action or even object.



P.S. I am dedicating this post to someone who really deserves it the most; Blog Reader Maha Aly, thank you Maha for being clean and being proud of it even if annoys others.


john said...

havent u read the recent study that 70% of egyptian dont wash their hands!

Maha Aly said...

Thanks for the dedication :))
It’s a fact that ppl call me paranoid but I don’t care :)
Being clean is not only "personal cleanness" but also "acting clean".
Lots of ppl complain about how dirty the streets are and they never try to do something about it "3ashan el prestige". Personally, i have a problem with this issue, and I can’t stand witnessing ppl throwing stuff in the street, so can you imagine my case while driving in Cairo streets seeing almost every car driver throwing something? a sigarette or a tissue? And when I speak about this I hear lots of excuses & sometimes “wenty malek” .. “la2 maly w nos w ¾ Kaman … it’s one of my rights to live in a clean place”
Their claim is "NO GARBAGE TINS IN THE STREETS" so what???? is it an excuse? i have a small plastic one in my car!! & if i'm not in the car, where do all plastic bags go? why can't we keep the stuff with us & throw them later in a garbage tin?
We are already living in a polluted country, but we are making it worse by not being clean.

Few weeks ago I received by e-mail the ministry of health instructions for the H1N1 and it’s all about being clean, the “hand washing” campaigns are good, but why the hell did we wait for the H1N1 to teach ppl that being clean is essential ??

amina said...

since this blog is taregting the upper and upper middle classes you can say that BE YOURSELF .. BE CLEAN
but from what i have seen in my work in research that BEING YOURSELF in egypt means BE DIRTY
yes unfort. john is right about this study.

Maha Aly said...

If it's a fact that most of the polpulation are dirty, that doesn't mean we have to accept this.
Instead, we have to do something about it, it's our role to change this fact ... hard but not impossible !

ahmed said...

ya sater, people consider me alien when i talk about being proactive in cleaning

thanks mohaly for the post
yes i am gonna be myself be clean

very nice series.

Ze2red Hanem El-Darmaly said...

Finally i found someone who has weird acts like me " or at least ppl see it that way"

Maha, you are not alone in this world. I hate what's happening around me too. It's one of my rules, who ever rides with me in the car, never thinks about pulling down the window to throw away something. I sometimes have a plastic bag in my car for that reason.

& I always walk around holding the things need to be thrown away, or put them in my bag, and people mock me for doing that. But i always respond, we need to do something about it (leading a clean environment, i mean), so i'm doing it. I'm right, and clean, and simply you just make your environment unhealthy, and looks ugly. Some people are ashamed of themselves when they hear that. Hope we would make a difference with our actions.

Anonymous said...

wow 618

Hicham said...

If people who care about being "clean" is considered weird/paranoid/alien then this post is simply collecting them ya Mohaly and "Hats Off" for Maha Aly too :)

p.s. I think this blog is targeting Internet users whether they are middle, upper, higher or lower class since many people in Egypt can access it now.

Hicham said...

Typo; I meant: If people ... are, not is!

Mohaly said...

Hicham: This blog is targeting Egyptians, Arabs, and English speakers as well all over the world. Their class is not classified, however, since English is more spread and used among upper and upper middle classes, Amina realises that they are the majority of readers which in fact true but I will add middle class as well. (55% of blog readers come from Egypt, quarter of which come from outside Cairo).
And I still dont wanna classify this blog according to race, gender, age or social standard. I talk about wide variety of topics that are corelated around development and making a positive difference.

Hicham said...

Mohaly, I am not for classifying too but I was commenting on amina's point of view in the 3rd comment :)