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Saturday, June 13, 2009

570) Why is it hard to be CLEAN ?!

I realized that all the precautions to avoid Swine Flu are simply about "BEING CLEAN" and I also realized that the danger in Egypt is not because of the flu itself as much as not having the "being clean" culture.. I kept on thinking and I wondered Why aren't the majority of the Egyptian people in the 21st century clean? what have led to this? If the religions tell us to be clean, and all creatures care about being clean, so why aren't we? why are many of us:

  • throwing garbage?

  • spitting?

  • even pissing in streets?

  • not washing hands?

  • not washing teeth even once per day?

  • not showering every day?

  • not cleaning after us in public toilets?

  • smelling awful? and many other examples..

  • I am not talking about everyone but in 3 non-successive days I counted the people I saw and this was the result:
    • Day 1: have seen/met 76 .... 21 clean, 55 doing one or more of the above.
    • Day 2: have seen/met 53 .... 23 clean, 40 doing one or more of the above.
    • Day 3 (weekend): have seen/met 35 .. 17 clean, 18 doing one or more of the above.
    so clean is always the minority!
    My question again, WHY? and what led to this?
    (busy detaching a gum from my shoe!)


    Anonymous said...

    cleanliness is next to godliness...just ask the agnostic heathens of the west...

    Elham Salah said...

    it is our culture Mohaly, if we have strict rules that may cause us to pay for penalties if we broke it, like those in traffic law, all the people will stick to the rules,(e7na sha3b mabeygeesh 3'eer lma beya7'od fo2 dema3'oh), so I suggest like European countries that who throws anything in the street or do any negative attitude of what you mentioned should pay a penalty, even those with bad smell should have a kind of punishment in their work.

    Hicham said...

    My answer is because their mentalities prefer to take a 'short-cut' in everything, which is the main theme of the nouveau riche, Mohamed.

    It's not only because lacking of punishment but mainly because they are so. Look how they behave when they travel outside Egypt, they are obliged to obey the law just to save themselves from punishment but when no one is watching, they deal according to their nature.

    On the other hand, if someone decide to respect others, it's because he/she is convinced with that regardless the law and the city; how he/she behaves in 'Kom Eddekka' is the same as he/she does in 'Paris'.

    p.s. OOPS! I did it again and make a long comment :p

    ahmed said...

    أنا مصرى أبن مصرى وليا الشرف
    برغم المهانة برغـــــــــــــــم القرف
    برغم الزبالة اللى مالية الشــــــوارع
    برغم الفســـــــــــاد اللى بيه اعترف
    سمو معـــــــــــــــالى رئيس الوزارة
    نتيجة موظف بسيـــــــــــــط انحرف
    برغم المجاعة اللى داخلين عليهــــــا
    وفينا اللى عـــــــايش حياته فى ترف
    برغم البطــــــــالة فى أوضة وصالة
    برغم أن أخر جنيـــــــــــــه اتصرف

    alna said...

    Is a lack of feeling concerned with the environment leading to that?
    Or is it because cleanliness is just a little issue compared to all others people have, so that it is not one of the first priorities?

    Mohaly said...

    Elham: I agree, but it is both a responsibility from the people and regulations/follow up from the government.

    Hicham: Welcome to the blog :) It is a shame that we care about other countries'cleanliness and rules more than ours!

    alna: this is like eating and drinking it shouldnt be compared to daily challenges.

    Mohaly said...

    !@#$ !@#$ ^%#$#?!

    Marwa said...

    Mohaly, I think one of the reasons of being unclean or smelling bad is the extreme poverty some societies are living in.

    A couple of days ago, I watched a T.V program about people living in (3ashwa2eyat) they are more than 75 persons and having one and only one common bathroom for them all, and is very primitive and cannot be even closed well.

    Imagine how these people might be living!!!! Even a shower can be luxury to them... what about their wives and children even???!!!!

    We can meet and smell these poeple everywhere around us... he might be your office boy @ work, taxi driver....etc.

    So again even the bad smell problem is also referred to poverty in our country.

    People should be treated more humanly in order to act more humanly !!!

    D said...

    اول حالة إصابة لمصرى

    أعلن الدكتور عبد الرحمن شاهين، المتحدث الرسمى لوزارة الصحة، عن اكتشاف ثلاث إصابات جديدة بفيروس الوباء العالمى AH1N1 المعروف بأنفلونزا الخنازير، لترتفع حالات الإصابة فى مصر إلى 29 حالة ويأتى الحالة الأولى لشاب مصرى يبلغ من العمر 21 عاما ويعمل فى أحد الفنادق بالقاهرة.

    Mohaly said...

    D: Now we really have to take care, it started catching Egyptians in Egypt.

    Mohaly said...

    Does anyone know an explanation for feeling scared, sleeping too much, and wanting to go home and stay there?

    Brownie said...

    what about men with long, of course untrimmed nails, it is very disgusting really and it is no longer applied for low class men.
    regarding the symptoms u refer to, it may be depression, be careful so it would not increase

    Maha Aly said...

    Mohaly, ever since i was a kid i have been asking myself the same question about why do people are like this? how come anyone doen't want to be clean? believe me i did not get a convinced answer till now.
    There is no excuse for being dirty, you can be poor but clean, it doesn't cost anything to take a shower, some ppl are pissing in the street, how awful!!!
    Sometimes i find children in the street & i feel like i want to take them in the washing machine & i wonder how their moms are leaving them like that, but seems that being clean is just an "option".

    D said...

    فيه شعوب كتيرة زينا فى الحالة الإقتصادية بس عندهم الدنيا نضيفة زى سوريا مثلا.أمال إيه مشكلتنا!ده كمان عندنا الريف أبعد ما يكون عن أبسط قواعد النضافة,الحيوانات و الناس و الزبالةفى حته واحده .ربنا يستر

    Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

    "religions tell us to be clean"

    there is a lot in the religion that is not followed dear .. this is one ... working with honesty is two.. honesty in everything we do is three .. not counting the good deeds is three

    think egyptians religious .. think again

    religion in egypt is a nice banner we carrry with no faith

    mm this may be out of scope .. so i better go :D

    Yasmine said...

    I dont think it has anything to do with poverty.
    I've been to Thailand and Indonesia, both poor countries, both VERY clean, even in the poorest areas.

    we're talking about countries whose biggest street is a 2 lanes 2 way street, the rest of the country is 1 strip of asphalt, 2 directions.

    Bali, Indonesia don't have public transportation to begin with!
    they dont have piles of trash in the streets like we do.
    you dont smell them when they pass by you in the street, or when you take a cab. you NEVER see people peeing or spitting in the street.
    they're VERY organized, and discipline.
    mafish mo3aksat wala ta7arosh fel shaware3, 7ata law wa7da mashya 3eryana!

    di ba2a thakafet sha3b! el sha3b el nedif, el monazam, el mo7taram... wel sha3b el wesekh, el mehargel, el gheir mo7taram...

    ya 3einy 3aleki ya masr.

    Anonymous said...

    Does anyone know an explanation for feeling scared, sleeping too much, and wanting to go home and stay there?
    All what you need ya Mohamed is love pure love . You are so sensitive .