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Saturday, June 20, 2009

571) How much is "Too Much"?!

How much money is enough?
How much money can make people satified and not worried?
What can someone do with 20 billion that he can't do with 10 billion?

Is the answer: "Infinity"?
Then it is pointless! as you will never reach your goal and be a slave for your "wants" rather than "needs" ...
very confusing... how much is "too much"?



Anonymous said...

I have always had this question ya Mohaly, we always work, work work to buy stuff that we dont need in the first place..And then there is this hadeeth I found:

يقول المصطفى صلى الله عليه وسلم في الحديث الصحيح: {من أصبح آمناً في سربه، معافىً في جسده، عنده قوت يومه، فكأنما حيزت له الدنيا بحذافيرها } رواه الترمذي

So I tell myself this: There are three states: If I got something I "want", then it is a blessing and I should be thankful to Allah, if "not" then I should be grateful for what I already have. If I didnt get what I "need", then I should be patient!

Noblese said...

Good post Mohaly and also good comments gjoez. One thing to add is the 'القناعة'. There is this saying:
القناعة كنز لا يفنى !

E N G Y said...

"Infinity" is the correct answer mohaly.
It's not abut "kana3a" but, if we have 10 EGP now, we will be wishing if we can make them 100, when they are 100, we'll wish to make them 1000 w hakaza. The more we get money, the more our "wants" be our "needs"!
Most of us feel satisfied with the 10 and we thank GOD sincerely already, but why not make them 10000000 and also thank GOD?!

Shimaa Gamal said...

I second gjoe and I would like to add, that "المال مال الله"
And that people "قليل ما يشكرون"

Gannah said...

الرضا هو جنة الله فى الأرض
والغنى هو ما حواه الصدر
وإذا لم تعرف القناعة فستظل فقيرا حتى أخر العمر

Gannah said...

قد يبدو الكلام مكررا ولكن الفقر والغنى مسألة نسبية فقد تمتلك المليارات ولكن تظل تحاول أن تملأ فراغا ما بداخلك وتظن أن المال هو الحل ولكنه يزيد ويظل الفراغ كما هو وقد تجد فقيرا ممتلأ من الداخل وصدق رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم حين قال: تعس عبد الدرهم
وقد عبر عن ذلك التابعين بأن كانت نصيحتهم أن تجعل المال والدنيا فى يدك وليست فى قلبك
فالإجابة كما قلت هى لبعض الناس إلى مالا نهاية
تحياتى للجميع
اعجبنى تعليق انجى
أتابع المدونة على الريدر وان كنت متوقفة عن الكتابة

Mohaly said...

Thank you.. this should have been the final comment not the first one :)

Mohaly said...

Thanks NOBLESE..

but ENGY that is hell, it means we are running in an endless loop!

GANNAH, why did you stop writing?

Hicham said...

Unfortunately, Mohaly, the world is not enough in the eye of money-chasing people because they forget that money is a tool not a goal.

Ironically, human nature do not stop at certain limit and always demand 'a lot' unless awarness about what life means and this only break the loop of demanding.

ahmed abdelrehim said...

الرسول علية الصلاة و السلام قال " لو كان لابن ادم جبل من ذهب لتمنى ان يكونوا جبلان " او كما قال عليه الصلاة و السلام لانى ضعيف فى الحفظ so the point is that it is our human nature to be like this or it is part of the human nature and i think by being relgious enough u stop being like this , but even the PEPSI AD says " ASK FOR MORE THERE IS MORE" , the point also wt is enough , my enough is diff than urs , for some ppl an ACCENT car is enough for others it is nothing and wt is enough is a BMW 525 or 725. so i think the point is just being happy with wt u have. simply الرضا

Sylvia said...

Hi, I think when you put money on one side and the people you love and care about on the other side, it's only then when you feel that money, properties, cars, fancy clothes, ...etc. can't buy you a healthy kid, can't get it you back a brother or a sister you've lost, can't heal a cancer...etc. only then you realize that there are things more worth in life...

E N G Y said...

Yes, this is hell.
But looking to the most rich people arround us, they really don't have enough, the more they make money, the more they seek for more!
And the more they get money, the more they are willing to do anything for more money, it's like a dilemma, it is a dilemma actually.
Just praying en rabena yghnena b7alalo 3an 7aramo.
If there is a positive side for this endless loop is that a lot of people, run in this loop to get more and more money and part of this money go to help others who do not have the chance to help themselves.
Your post is like a wake-up call mohaly. We have to stop and think what is our final goal!

Maha Aly said...

For some people, money is a "goal" while it should be a "tool" to reach their "goals"!
Engy, It's true that we are surrounded with those kind of ppl, the "EXTRA MONEY PPL or the MONEY BAGS PPL", those ppl i can not call them "RICH", their pockets are full of money but their souls are empty.
May be they have money, but money can't buy them health or even good manners. Money can't make them good persons, and at the same time, they don't know the word "enough"!

Elham Salah said...

I look to this issue from diffrent point of view, first not all ppl who are rich are searching for more or feeling they didn't have enough, I saw many people who had enough and thank god for what they got.
second, it is not about (Tama3 or Kana3a), I think your needs are streched according to your income, so every time you had increase in your income, you may update a lot in your life style till it become the default, and then you begin to put new wants ,and so new needs are created inside you,so you are trying to have more ,then it happens again....etc.
there is a fine thread between being ambitious and being greedy, but I agree with you that our dreams should not make us slaves for the money.

Omar Rostom said...

Ok give me 12 million and 345 thousand pounds and I will sign you a dcocument saying that is enough!

mary jacoub said...

Nice comment gioez...tell me can money makes you feel happy? can money brings you back someone you loose?can money makes you sleep tight?can money........... ??????????????? I myself can pay all my life just to be happy again for one day,laugh from deep inside....
Also the bible says about money:
"for the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil."

Anonymous said...

Om Amr Adib!

Anonymous said...

Om Amr Adib!

D said...

الرضا لمن يرضى

Mohaly said...

tayeb how much is BEING RICH?

mary jacoub said...

TO Dr.Mohamed ALi our very dear dr.:Thank you very much for ur great effort with us & so sorry if we disappointed you by a way or another....
THANKS AGAIN&AGAIN we are so lucky coz you are our dr.,brother& friend.. "you're really a great person"

Shimaa Gamal said...

Rich is another relative term. You should define rich first to know how much is rich.
I believe rich is when you have the ability to diversify your spending. If you can't afford thinking of things other than satisfying "the food, shelter, and security needs" you are poor.
And this can't be counted in money terms. Because people can actually satisfy these needs with the smallest amounts of money.
الغنى هو القدرة على الإستغناء

Omar Rostom said...

in egypt I'd say someone who earns at least 4000 LE/month and has at least 100,000 LE in the bank.

Julia said...

the love of money is the root for evil not the money on its own

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

D has said it all

الرضا لمن يرضى

Food on my table... roof over my head ... meds when i need.. what more we can look for

satisfaction is an inner feeling .. no standards ... and the degree reflects simply ones faith and perception of life

cool regards .. cause it is really hot outside

H.A.W. said...

too much is when you purchase a luxury, which doesnt add any value to your life.like purchasing the best mercedes made of silver-not the normal one. what is the value of silver here? nothing.its a luxury that costs money, wiht no added value. this is too much.

someone who has 20 billions will not feel "their value,unless he shares them. sharing adds value to things, brings happiness and turns "things" to évents"having 20 billions and use them to bring happiness to others, will make them as much as the whole world. have 100 USD in bank statement is just a number written on a piece of paper.
its the shareing that gives the value

Mohaly said...

who are u HAW? ur words are so true and to the point.

H.A.W. said...

something i got to know about today.
in ghana, people live in deserted areas, walking up to 10km to the nearest water resource. digging a water resource costs 1,000 USD.
how many of those resources would 10 billion USD buy? how many people would benefit out of this money? how many smiling eyes would one see when helping out?
now, how long would a mercedes made of silver bring its owner happiness? and its the owner ONLY.
how much is too much?
too much is anything one keeps for himself.

H.A.W. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
H.A.W. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello H.A.W.
though what I am about to say is against one of my many theories :) but it happens that Egyptian men marry older women.
In many cases I know, men fell in love with older women. And they are actually leading successful marraiges. Yet, parents will always oppose such a thing.

There is no "accepted difference". In the Egyptian community it is not accepted for a man to marry an older woman there are even Egyptians proverbs anti such marraiges. "man hamo khad ad omoh"
So, whether it is just few months, or 10 years. It doesn't really matter. The community doesn't accept it.
And it is really personality related to generally stand against parent's will or not.

Love doesn't conquer all as they say, but it is our willingness that do.

H.A.W. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

women cant get enough

كان هناك رجل يعمل طوال حياته ،
وقد وفر كل ما لديه من أموال،
ولكنه كان 'بخيلا'

وقبل وفاته ، قال لزوجته...
عندما أموت،
أريد منك أن تأخذي كل أموالي
وتضعيها في النعش معي.
لأني أريد أن أخذ أموالي إلى الآخرة معي '.

وحصل على وعد من زوجته بذلك
أنه عندما يتوفى،
فإنها ستضع كل الأموال في النعش معه.

عند وفاته ... كان ملقى في النعش،
وزوجته كانت تجلس هناك

والجميع يرتدون ملابس سوداء،
وصديقتها كانت جالسة إلى جوارها.

وعندما انتهى الحفل،
وقبل الاستعداد لإغلاق النعش،
قالت الزوجة،
'انتظروا .. لحظة..

أخذت علبة معدنية صغيرة معها ووضعتها في النعش.
ثم أغلقت النعش بانخفاض
ورحل النعش بعيدا.

ثم قالت صديقتها، يا صديقتي،
أنا أعلم أنك لست مغفلة لوضع كل المال مع زوجك.

ردت الزوجة المخلصة ،
'اسمعي ، أنا متدينة
ولذا لا يمكن أن أعود في كلمتي.
وعدته أن أضع هذه الأموال في النعش معه.

فسألتها صديقتها باستغراب :

هل تقصدين أنك وضعت ِ الأموال كلها في النعش معه!؟!؟

أنا متأكدة أنك لم تفعلي ,

قالت الزوجة:

'حصلت على كل شيء،

ووضعته في حسابي،
وكتبت له شيك

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