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Monday, June 29, 2009

574) Non-Productive Outings!

Quick and simple question:
Why are most of our outings (at least in Cairo) non-productive ... (eating out,..antakha)?!


Elham Salah said...

May be Mohaly we don't have the art of planning for our outings or vacations, it isn't that easy, it is a science need to be taught :).
I'm one of those who don't know what to do or where to go in my spare time and that always make me depressed.

amina said...

why we

amina said...

why we are very active in our trips and do a lot of stuff

may be traffic issue?

Anonymous said...

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وكشف الاستطلاع، الذي أعلنته مؤسسة وورلد ببلك أوبينين الأمريكية، أن 81% من المصريين لديهم الثقة في الرئيس حسني مبارك في قيامه "بما هو صحيح في الشئون العالمية".

Shimaa Gamal said...

Girls go shopping :) This is indirect production :)
But the question is why seeing "antakha" as non-productive thing.
We all need a little bit of "antakha" to help us go through our busy lives.
I think that the problem isn't being me2ntakheen. The problem is we can't make best use of our antakha.

Mohaly said...

Anthakha is fine if we need rest but it cant be a goal.

Plus I am against the word SPARE Time. There is no luxury in time. It is a n0n-renewable resource.

H.A.W. said...

maho taking a rest IS a goal nowadays. :))))

Shimaa Gamal said...

Who mentioned spare time? Or antakha being a goal :) howa fi nas 3aysha 3ashan te2antakh :)))

This is exactly what I meant by how we are not making use of our antakha time.
We are not giving attention to how important is rest. We are not giving attention to how important is our social lives.
Eating out with friends is an investment. Reading a book is an investment. Even walking down the streets is an investment. You learn things. This is production but not in numeric terms.

I don't know how an outting is supposed to be productive lw makansh el production dah intangible.

Mohaly said...

u got me wrong Shaimaa

socializing, fun, eating out is fine and needed, but every now and then. I am against this being the only way of outings.
Refer to my Vacation series posts last August.

what about discussing books, movies, nice games (not play station), sight seeing, charity..etc

Nerro said...

It happens ya Mohaly, it just depends on one's social circle. Not a common thing ya3ni but the good thing it started to flourish a tad, even some venues started to offer places for people to meet up and gather for social purposes other than eating.

H.A.W. said...

i fully agree with you, even if the vacation is short for 2 days or so.
but often, when no company is available for some activities, charity or even discuss a book, antakha is the only available way to rest.
happens often to me.
then its just a book and a chocolate for the vacation :))))

jessyz said...

I agree with Elham, but there are so many options like going to the pottery cafe, an art class, a poetry reading, bowling, horse riding, swimming, an art gallery, a concert, etc. You just need to focus on looking for interesting things, who knows, you might just find a hobby in the process.

Mohaly said...

I am glad to hear that this type of outings is increasing. I do have wide mix of different outings but I always see people tending toward the traditional eating out.

merhan said...

Mohaly,i am positive that i know about this particular outing:)
however i should be the one criticizing it since i was being mocked gamed :(
next suggestion is on you

Mohaly said...

Merhan, the 3 eating out outings were great, and i am looking forward for more, but i see variety keeps it going and builds up different aspects of friendship.

E N G Y said...

Simply because we are sha3b very "antookh" aslan:))