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Saturday, June 27, 2009

573) Good Bye Pop Legend !

Although Michael Jackson hasn't been around for almost a decade, but I think he has contributed one way or another in shaping part of the artistic personality of my generation (1970s). The word pop-music is directly linked to MJ in my mind. I think MJ in western music, and Amr Diab in arabic music were the music icons of our generation.

This guy has lead a misrable life, specially the last 10 years. I don't know why did I feel that, but I felt "makbos" when I heared the news, but when I started reading the readers comments in the the Arab website, I was furious! People are soooo shallow and mainly fighting if he will go to hell or heaven as if they have "tawkeel" from God to decide about that.

If you liked MJ, just feel sorry and keep his songs; if you don't then just ignore the whole thing, but please don't play "God"... listen to his song "Allah Rahim"!



Anonymous said...


Omar Rostom said...

MJ is a real legend, yes he is the icon of our generation music


Omar Rostom said...

these fanatics have no clue about anything!

beautiful song

amina said...

what will we benefit or loose if he is in hell or heaven, and have anyone went there and came back to confirm?

Hicham said...

We aren't supposed to jude the intentions of people or who will go where because simply Allah (God) is the Creator and HE Almighty shall jude us.

That said, I do believe that MJ has been abused in the way of life he lived in the last 15-20 years of his short life. It's wierd and make me feel sorrow how being a celebrity might change the way you behave and yeah the 1970s generation know what you mean.

Rabena yer7amna gamee3n in the matter of fact.

H.A.W. said...

if its MJ or any other person, none has the right to "determine" who is in hell and who in heavan. none knows where HE would be aslan to talk.
why doesnt everyone just minds his own business and looks where he goes?
my question for the past 20 years :))))))))

Sylvia said...

I fully agree that MJ was the king of Pop Music.. and I fully agree that no one has the right to play the role of God in other people lives. However, and you may hate me for this, I personally never liked to "watch" him singing, although I can enjoy "hearing" him singing and this is mainly because 1) he did so many cosmetic surgeries to the extent that he turned his face into a "maskh" 2) I can't help myself ignoring that it might be true that he sexually abused kids! I wasn't aware that he had a song called "Allah Rahim" So, yes Allah Rahim...

Brownie said...

May he rest in peace, and btw he converted to Islam last year.
Allah Rahim is actually for a Nasheed singer called zain bhikha not for Michael.

Anonymous said...

it is controversial
some people say allah rahim is michael's some dont

anyway, allah yer7amo

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...


Shallow minds

what heaven or hell has to do with a man died suffering !!

when we can see the merciful side of god instead of the revengeful one

merhan said...

who are we to judge anybody living or dead ???????????
MJ was an icon in the pop or disco world ,end of the story .
either listen to his music or not!!

singer said...

باننا فعلا في مصر لا نتبع الاسلام الصحيح بل نكاد اننا لا نتساوي مع امم تعبد الاوثان والبقر والسبب واضح وهو اننا اخذ من الاسلام المظاهر فقط وايضا بعض الجماعات الاسلامية وعلى رأسهم الاخوان صدعوا رؤسنا بشعارات جوفاء عن الحجاب والنقاب ولم اجد لافتة من التي تعلق على الجدران تدعو الى عدم الكذب وعدم النفاق وعدم الرشوى ولكن للاسف اختزلوا الاسلام في الحجاب والنقاب فقط - وكم يدهشني ويروعني منظر العشاق في الليل وكل شاب واضع ايده على بنت على شاطى الاسكندرية وللاسف معظم البنات محجبات وهن جالسات على الصخور من المندرة الى بحري - وكم يروعني ان اجد في نهار رمضان البنات المحجبات على شاطىء البحر مع اصدقائهم - وكم يروعني ان اجد في قاعات المحاضرات ان المحجبات هن اللاتي يشغلن الموبايل والاغاني وهن اللاتي يقومن بالتهريج ولكن الاخوات المسييحات في غاية الادب وفي قمة الاستماع الى المحاضرات

ahmed said...

by the way Amr Diab's new waited for album is out.

john said...

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MariannE_N said...

Well Dr. MOhammed, same happened to my mother, actually she fell in depression when she heard of MIchael Jackson misery, and only after he died I found out the deep sadness in his wide eyes, even when he was a child singing "Ben". I really recommend you see it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qp3H9d1vhxw
Also ... ana begad nedemt eni kont bafakar feh afkar we7sha, like child molestation and abuse. When he died they found him hugging a doll and writing many notes like "children are innocent" and "children are so good". In his interviews, when he is acused of being a child abuser he always say "this is not how my family raised us".
Anyways ... begad allah yer7amo ... Once a genious Dr. fi e3lam (Dr. Inas Yousef) and she is really a relegious lady 2alet 3ala kateb ketab mohem fel e3lam "allah yer7amo" and when one of the students commented en esm el ragel (steven) she said in strong belief (ah rabena yer7amo, seb rabena yer7am elli hoa 3ayzo we y3akeb elli hoa 3azo)