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Thursday, October 1, 2009

610) Being Yourself :: Episode 3 - It's Your Goal !

Q: Why do people lose interest -or the required enthusiam- in achieveing their goals?

A: I think the main reason is that many people write down what others need or expect from them not what they really want.

1. Those who want to live without the burdens of 9 to 5 job and they are talented enough to work as artists, writers, free lancers...etc but because the people around them are terrifying them from this life, they start un-dreaming their dreams!
2. Those who get hight scores in Thanawia Amma, and want to major in something they like, and end up majoring in Teb & Handasa to please their families!
3. The sweet couple who dream about their home, but family obligations change this dream to different goals.
4. Ha Meen Yezawed...

No matter how werid your dream or goal is, no one knows you better than yourself. Fight for your right to have and achive your own goals. Fight for your right to have enthiusiam in what you are doing. Have your path clear and be acctountable for your choices. Aboos Eidak Be Yourself !



Maha Aly said...

What an interesting post Mohaly!

"Mat7awelsh teb2a 7ad tany ela nafsak" :)

People who try to be someone else just to please others will end up losing their lives and there will always be someone that will not be pleased or satisfied!
While If a person dig down deep into himself, he will discover areas that will surprise even him.
I believe it is acceptable that if I found a really good successful person that I wish to be like him/her, I can follow or even copy his/her steps IN MY OWN WAY.

May be the problem is not in setting the goals itself, it could be in setting the wrong goals (as having someone else’ goals & trying to achieve them and the result will never be the same)

Also, there isn’t something called “the right or wrong goals” each one has his own goals in life, we are all different & even if there are ppl having the same goal, the way of each one of them to achieve this goal is different.

Setting goals is the first step to change the invisible dream into something visible, as if you are drawing your dream, also, goals must be inspiring to the person in order to set a plan for achieving his/her goals.

Lots of people know WHAT to do, they simply don’t know HOW to do it. Only few people actually do what they know, but because KNOWING is not DOING, we have to take an action.

In my opinion, everyone should:
- Set Goals & a life plan.
- Be committed to his/her goals, decisions but stays also flexible in his/her approach.
- Choose a career (what suits a person & what he/she can do best & gives him/her fulfillment)
- Find life Balance
- Master self emotions (you lead your emotions & don’t let yourself swing with emotions, although it’s tough but it can be done)
- Enjoy love & life with family & friends.
- Try not to have lots of financial burdens.
- Be physically healthy.
- Peace of mind & soul.

A person can change his life, I believe in this. We can be exactly what we wish.

If we just leave ourselves to “what the people & society think it’s best for us” we will not go anywhere, we will not do what we really want to do & we will not be OURSELVES.

ahmed said...

"Aboos Eidak Be Yourself !"

Enta gebt akhrak ya Mohaly :)

ibhog said...

Anyone listened to Demi Lovato's song Believe in Me? it's really nice.

Tell me what you think about the lyrics.

And I agree with Maha, we need inspiration, I think it's the only way we'll start moving forward.

Mohaly, I so much relate to your answer and examples, especially your number 1. *long inhalation followed by a very long exhalation!*

Bass kher isA.

H.A.W. said...

4. a teenager knows what he wants and how to reach it, but his parents and grandparents "kapsien 3ala nafasso" claiming this is the wrong way to "study". the boy has scored in his first year of IGCSE: 3 A+, 2A and 1 A- in his exams. and they still think he is wrong :)))

5.someone wanted to adopt 2 orphan girls to raise them as her own daughters.her family forbids it because this is against their "pride".

6. a girl wanted to have a farm and take this as her "career". her family thoguth this is a career for men only.

the 3 above cases still fight for their rights to live as they want.
first case might have a chance to survive.
2nd and 3rd cases its late for these dream to come true now. but they are modifying their golas based on what is available in real life now. rather making the best out of whats available than making their dreams come true.
ya3ni, better than nothing.

H.A.W. said...

an answer to your question, Mohaly, could be because we loose so much of our time survivng what we have in reality, than really living. over long time its tirieng and you have already lost interest, enthusiasm and energy to fight.
some give up, some cope, soem fight. but those who fight go through hell :))).
bas i still think its worth the fight. maho i have only one life.

Mohaly said...

Check Ibhog's http://ibhog.wordpress.com/2009/10/01/the-future/#comments
that is really relevant to this topic..
My comment: Even if you did experience the expected results, this wont be failure. Knowing your way and reaching success is priceless. I had a very tempting regional job in an international organization but I know that I want to pursue a different career, and everyone was against me even my mother. I faced difficulties but now everyone is telling me that I was right, and my mother was the 1st one who came to me and said: I am proud of you.

Mohaly said...

Guys, let's complete the list, we reached 6, what else?

H.A.W. said...

7. i am not allowed to say in public that i love Nizar qabbany or his poems.
this drives mom crazy and i get a side look saying "ya benti 7aram 3aleky"
bas i adore the man- belzat becasue he was open and had the courage to stand for what he believes :)))))

Brownie said...

i don't know how someone could give up his/her dreams, no matter how difficult they could be, sometimes people could shift ur goal to something better.
Do whatever you think you like, and ppl won't be always happpy wz ur choices anyway.
nice post

M@YO said...

I think most because of that "many people write down what others need or expect from them not what they really want."

Actually I tried before to do what others need but really get very depressed and took months to be better and since when I decided to do what I want to do :)

For all who do what others expect, you will suffer alone even if they are around "ely edeo fel maya mosh zay ely edo fel nar:))"
you will find yourself stuck in a faculty you don't like or in a job you can't enjoy or with a man or women supposed to be your partner while they are strangers

RT said...

Hi Mohaly,

Well I'd like to add to ur examples ..
8. when a girl dreams of traveling living abroad but can't be done coz her bro./husband/... must be with her

I guess we can't apply the "being urself" rule to it, coz simply it breaks a basic rule while at the same time it is a goal that someone wants to achieve.

RT said...

BTW, ur blog is really gr8 :)

Keep it up (Y)

Mohaly said...


you will be amazed, check M@yo's

yes hard to add
thanks a lot :) hope to see you here again

john said...

maha aly i think u r dreaming

E N G Y said...

8- A girl wanted to travel abroad to study -she already managed to get a scholarship- and see the country she is dreaming to visit since shw was a kid because what will people say abt her parents if they allowed her to travel alone.
PS: Her parents don't mind cause they trust her, yet they care abt what ppl will say!!...She lost the scolarship and she lost her interist in everything.

So Mohaly, how could she be herself when it's not her own choice to be or not to be?!

Maha Aly said...

John ..... I am dreaming, so what ?
it all starts with a dream !!

H.A.W. said...

dream ya Maha. and if you cant make it real, ma3lesh. MODIFY it, but dont let go of the whole dream. its part of you.
dreaming is what makes us alive, making them real is what makes us happy :)))
my dreams reach up to the moon dear :)))))
Hold fast to your dreams, for if dreams die, Life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly. (writer unknown)

Mohaly said...

HAW: Langston Hughes is the one who said this quote.

Sylvia said...

Sometimes it happens when you loose faith in yourself and when you need to feel that there is someone backing you up, someone who really Believes in You...

I like this song for Josh Groban:

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;

You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;

I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;

You raise me up... To more than I can be.

ahmed said...

100% ya Mohaly

H.A.W. said...

Mohaaly: thx for the info. kind of you to share.
Sylvia: i liked what you wrote,
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas
but found myself asking: what happens when this person-who lifts you up- disappears.
for any reason gone.
whould i fall again?
mesh 3arfa.