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Monday, October 12, 2009

614) FUN ::: 2ew3a Teza3al Meratak !!

Lost his wife, reputation, & money...!
Think again before betraying your wife...!


Marwa said...

:D SURE; U should think thousand times.

Although this is not kaman an Egyptian wife ;)

Egyptian wives revenge ba2a is much much much worse than this; they are very creative regarding revenge :D

ahmed said...

like what marwa? what do they do!

Shimaa Gamal said...

Never under estimate your woman :)

There is a part that men can't understand in women's revenge. What hurts isn't obly the fact enoh bey3ot la2 enoh faker enoh hay3ot we mesh hayt2fesh.

That one shows who's really smart :)

BaTaBeeT said...

way to go emily :D

believe me... an egyptian wife can do MUCH WORSE if she had the resources :D

en kaydahonnnna 3azeem...

Marwa said...

Well Ahmed, here are just two examples...first one is for wives who kill their husbands and cut them to small pieces and distribute them everywhere; or even a more "clever" idea of wives that cut a "special part" only and leave their husbands living without it 3ady ba3d keda..... :))))))))

Ay 7'edma...

ahmed said...

yanhar eswed, la2 kolo ela el "special part"

Maha Aly said...

Very Smart :))
I like it and i believe that everyone should pay for his own actions.

M@YO said...

zarefa awy el sora

Marwa kaman fe 3asr el Net momken ne2agar professional Killer min 3al net wa nedfa3lo min our husbands credit card wa ye3mel mawdo3 elta2te3 wel elkyas dah la min shaf wala min dery


Mohaly said...

Eih el 2a2leyat el egrameya di!

Laila said...

actually i heard once that a woman killed her husband then placed him in the tub filled with potash بوتاس and water until he dissolved.

Her story was discovered when her neighbor complained to her from her husband. so, she told her how to get rid of him in the same manner :)

M@YO said...

lol ya Laila
elra3'y dah howa ely meraga3na wara :))

Shimaa Gamal said...

Actually ya Laila, the neighbour didn't report the woman. The neighbour was cheap or maybe she hated her husband even more. fa she used little of the acid so he didn't completely dissolve :) So, she was caught and then she told about the master mind :) :)

That woman is a role model. But I personally prefer other forms of revenge. Killing is an act of mercy. It is better to see him wish that he was died every day for the rest of his life.

Always remember, revenge is a dish best served cold ;)

Omar Rostom said...

Ya3ni tewado nafsoko fe dahya 3ashan el ragel le3eb bedeloh. E2ta3i deloh (deloh bas ya Marwa) bas mesh to DISSOLVE him (yanhar eswed, wana 2a2ol el banat kanet shatra leih fel kemya)

ekhla3eh, khaleleh 3ala rai 3adel emam

maho tab3an el 3ayesh ma3 such drakola lazem yel3ab bedeloh!

yanhar eswed ya geda3an, eih el setat di, di mesh set, di set oshhor 3ala ra2i el 2osary!

Omar Rostom said...

ah belmonasba i have a new post

Maha Aly said...

I agree with Shimaa.
Revenge is better when the action itself is not expected & its effect stays for loonnnnnnnnggggggg, and women are very creative in her revenge :D

I checked your post, nice one ... but u said women are never satisfied .... i bet the woman who made this billboard was satisfied ;)

Marwa said...

Wallahi fekra ya M@YO

Omar: loooooooooooool :D

الباب الخلفي said...

If she killed him, it would have been better than this :)

Best Regards

H.A.W. said...

good way for revenge- although i wouldnt care to take revenge aslan :)))

Sophia said...

oh my gosh!

Anonymous said...

oh dear God, that was hilarious!

we ba3den the girls comments! howa don't women cheat too walla ana mesh wakhed baly! :D

Special parts - yalahwy!

Hicham said...

Hilarious, Mohaly :) But if she was in 2000, she would have posted this on a Blog, Facebook, Twitter and other social media!

Shimaa Gamal said...

Well Ibhog, women cheat sometimes but law is there to help the man with his revenge.

qatl defa3an 3an el sharaf, and here i have to borrow tawfiq el de2n's famous "ya ah ya ah, we a7la mn el sharaf mafish"

When you don't have laws to support you, you find more creative ways. like 7ela2et sha3r el mazkoor zalabata ma3 ba3d el scars, or fedee7a mn no3 ya bayes ahl bara teksab shokrohom roo7 boos ahl bietak teksab agrohom :) A woman will always find a way.

Mohaly said...

Hmm interesting Shaimaa, I have never thought about this point in law, women cant kill but men can we kolo bel kanon!!

H.A.W. said...

yes, a man can kill his wife-even if he didnt caught her by cheating-his lawyer will always say its dfending his honor.
but if the wife does it-even if catching him during cheating- she will be executed.
remember the movie"عفوا أيها القانون"
but still, wont waste any energy on a cheater.
maybe i would use that joint bank account to indulge myself into something extraordinary, and let him wonder what i am up to ;))))))