-------- "This is the time for action not only words, use your God given gifts to develop this country, dont be afraid to speak up, and feel PROUD THAT U R EGYPTIAN." -------- Mohaly, Feb 2011

Thursday, October 8, 2009

612) Being Yourself :: Episode 5 - Being Patriotic!

On the occasion of 6th October, I am asking all those who love Egypt unconditionally to speak up and not to be afraid of being mocked at. How did we reach this stage? How come people beacme afraid or ashamed of saying that they respect the national anthem or feel bad when they see a dirty or torn flag? How come they are hesitant to say that they love Egypt and are willing to give time, money, and effort for its sake?

How eih el 7asal, is being patriotic considered a crime now, or something to be ashamed of? May be coz the country is down? That should be even a bigger motivation coz true love is tested in down times not when everything is ok. If you love someone, he/she needs you more when he/she is down, wala eih?

To all those who still feel for their country, be proud and face everyone: Be Yourself .... Be Patriotic.



Mohamed Emam said...

I really love my country and will keep loving it,

I have been to KSA and I was dealing with very tough people and they do not love Egyptians. When I came back to my country Egypt I felt safe and returned my freedom and dignity. I think Egypt long time ago was loved because of wars and occupations that made Egyptians feel jealous on their country and eager to keep maintain their dignity!!

ahmed said...

شباب مصر يحمل أكبر علم مصري بمركز شباب الجزيرة في ذكرى انتصارات أكتوبر

amina said...

7elwa geddan ya mohaly
i rarely find someone in our generation that honest about his love to the country and doesnt only talk but do as well
I am egyptian and proud too
be yourself...be patriotic :)
Guys, we should post this link on our facebook profiles.

sylvia said...

I believe the sense of partriotism is there, deep inside, but it doesn't come on the surface unless stimulated. Ya3ni when you hear someone badmouthing Egypt you'll definitely talk back...
Despite all our criticism about certain things in Egypt however, I still wish to see my country in its best and I still hope to see things improving and I still care about the welfare of this country... it's all there but it doesn't show at no reason

Mohaly said...

From Amal:

Thanks ya Mohaly !

It is heart-warming to see wonderful youth like yourself taking an active position to develop our dear country

Bless you & keep it up ya fandem , quoting Ehaab’s words

Bless you

amina said...

Sylvia, it is a must now even without occasion as the tendency is to be proud of hating it! We need to counteract this

H.A.W. said...

i agree with sylvia, its there, hidden and needs to be stimulated. i remember the time after earthquake of 1992, how everybody behaved, was friendly and cooperative.

we mgiht be able to get back thsi spirit, but its to be honest- that would be a mericle. there is nothing in Egypt today that encourages anyone to love it- not to mention say it.

these are not my words. i got to hear them from my cousin's son who is 17.
over a long discussion, kareem expressed why he cant love this country- but he is stuck to it, there is nowhere else to go. for his life long he has only been facing troubles.
- hard long way to the club to practice any sports, although he lives in mohandessin.
- stupid teachers, although he is in a language school.
- no space for me to move, too small appartments (4 rooms+big hall!!).
- too nervous and busy parents to talk to.
- colleagues at school are all haifien. he cant find a real friend.
- everything gets so expensive. his pocket money isnt enough.
- no interesting books to read in arabic language. why is everything in english and i cant get these books in market?
- why is everywhere so crowded and dirty?
- why cant i go for camping like my pen friend in england?
- why are people so greedy?
- why are people 2olalat el adab?
- why do taxi drivers drive like crazy?
- why cant i use my bike to go to school?
- why are we treated bad in any airport when we travel?
- why do people respect forgeigners more than they respect me in Hurghada? i am paying the same price for the same service? whats wrong with me then?

it was a long list with whys that he throw at my face, and it took my breath away. i know he is brilliant and a very good boy, very ambitious and self confident of what he wants. bas he cant find any answers for his questions.
the discussion began when i was singing a part of halim's song "zekraiat" while making tea and he stood next to me asking what this song was. when i told him the history of it, he exploded in my face.

his generation and the one before dont know aslan what is homecountry. they know we were born here, but what is "here" this is what they didnt learn. none explained and none cared to shwo any thing related to it.and none offers a good example to follow.
national day and national hymne dont mean anything to them. i loved it at school, and when i go visit, its early morning to hear it.
and everyone arround thinks i am acting strangely.

i still have hope things will work out here. i still love egypt, and i still think the patriotic songs were meaningful for those who sang it. they werent just like the ones we have lately in public events. la2, they really believed in what they say and had that very same hope: we will have our country back.
mesh 3arfa ezay, bas i still hope.

kareem didnt change hsi mind, but said tayeb, you have time to show me what you are talking about till i finish my colleague. if there is anything for me to do, i will follow your plan.
i am his "godmother" and he loves me, but he doesnt believe me in this part and had a weired look on his face :(((.

H.A.W. said...

sorry, didnt realize how long the comment is :(

Mohaly said...

HAW Lan Yoghayer Allah ma bekawom...

If we dont work on having better place to live, the coming generations won't have something to relate to.

But the point is here is Not to be hesitant about showing your feelings to your country.

Even if you decided to live abroad, you will always know that you are not a 100% citizen of the new nation.

Some mothers are ideal, some mothers are careless but don't we all have their love embedded deep inside even if we don't talk to them !

We have to belong to a nation, and we are Egyptians and this is a fact that can't be easily changed (fortunately or unfortunately depending on your point of view ba2a).

H.A.W. said...

i didnt say i am leaving 3ala fekra :))
im here, staying because i want to stay. nothing is forcing me. i have my home, family, friends and memories here. and although i am not treated here as 1st class citizen, i still dont want to leave.
and i still believe in trying to change things. i know it will not fall from the sky. it's not granted, its "taken".
so far things are clear to me. and the change is not for the coming generations only, but for myself. i wont be happy if i dont try- regardless of success or failure. bas the trial itself.
up to our generation we were lucky to know what is patriotic love. but the new ones now have no idea about it.
this is all what i was trying to say. :))
and i dont hesitate to show my feelings towards my country. i show the anger and love and care and understanding and apologizing and eagerness and tiredness and hate i feel.
and i dont hide the hope i still feel...

H.A.W. said...

i dont want to change my nationality. never thought of it. im egyptian and nothing will change it.
fortunately or unfortunately depending on your point of view ba2a) :)))))

Brownie said...

I love Egypt so much, and u know why most of our generation does not love it? coz we r spoiled, we did not go through the war and we did not feel the humiliation of the occupation.
we just came to find countries that r more developed than us, and instead of working on improving it, we curse it.
إن الله لا يغير مافى قوم حتى يغيروا ما بأنفسهم
I wrote about here http://meetthebrownie.blogspot.com/2008/10/egypt-as-i-know-it-3.html

Noha said...

أجنـبى ولا مصـرى ياباشـا!

بقلم محمد بغدادى ٤/ ١٠/ ٢٠٠٩
فى بلاد الناس المحترمين يعامل أصحاب البلد كمواطنين من الدرجة الأولى، وفى البلاد الأكثر احتراما يصبح أهل البلد وضيوفها أمام القانون سواء، وفى بلادنا نقرأ عن حقوق المواطنة فى الدستور ومقالات الصحف ونسمعها فى مظاهرات كفاية على سلالم نقابة الصحفيين، والمثل يقول: «من خرج من داره اتقل مقداره»، والمصرى هو الكائن الوحيد الذى بيتقل مقداره خارج داره وداخل داره، ففى واقعة هى الأعجب فى كيفية التعامل مع المصريين، كنت أقود سيارتى ومعى أسرتى فى آخر أيام العيد بمدينة شرم الشيخ وكانت أمامى سيارة (ملاكى الشرقية) يقودها شاب مصرى، بجواره سيدة وفى الخلف تجلس فتاة صغيرة، وكانت هذه السيارة تسير أمامى مباشرة على يمين الطريق، وفجأة جاءت سيارة (سياحية) مسرعة من أقصى اليسار وانحرفت بحدة شديدة جهة اليمين بدون سابق إنذار وواصل قائدها تهوره أو عدم درايته بالطرق، ودخل فى الشارع الذى على اليمين، حاول قائد السيارة التى أمامى أن يتفاداه بكل ما لديه من مهارات فى القيادة ولكن صاحب السيارة السياحية كان مصرا فاصطدمت مؤخرة سيارته بمقدمة سيارة الشاب الذى كان أمامى، وأنا توقفت بمعجزة إلهية، المهم الشارع كله وقف ونزلنا كلنا كانت السيارة التى أمامى قد دمرت مقدمتها بالكامل والبنت التى كانت تجلس فى المقعد الخلفى أصيبت إصابات مختلفة وتصرخ من شدة الألم، وتبين لنا أن سائق السيارة السياحية سائح عربى، وسيارته صالحة لمواصلة السير فقرر أن يتركنا ويواصل سيره، فما كان من صاحب السيارة المصدومة إلا أن أخذ مفاتيح السيارة المتسببة فى الحادث إلى أن تأتى الشرطة، اتصل ابنى بالشرطة ودار هذا الحوار بالنص وحرفيا:
ابنى: ألو فى حادثة أمام خليج نعمة وفيه مصابين عايزين إسعاف بسرعة.
الشرطة: المصاب أجنبى ولا مصرى يا باشا؟
ابنى: يعنى حا تفرق معاك.. بقولك فيه مصاب محتاج إسعاف تقول لى أجنبى ولا مصرى!!
الشرطة: أيوه يا باشا لا زم نعرف الأول أجنبى ولا مصرى!!
وانقطع الخط.. وبعد قليل جاءت سيارة النجدة، وبها أمين شرطة واثنان من الجنود فشرحنا لهما ظروف الحادث باعتبارنا شهود العيان، فما كان من الأمين سوى الاتصال برئيسه وقال له حرفيا:
الأمين: أيوه يا باشا فى مصابة مصرية وواحد مش مصرى وواحد مصرى.. حاضر يا فندم. وقال للجنود الذين برفقته: مشوا الأجنبى وهاتوا لى رخص المصرى زى ما قال الباشا!! ذهب الجنود لكى يمشوا الأجنبى.. فقال لهم المفاتيح مع المصرى، فعادوا للأمين وأخبروه، فأبلغ رئيسه بالوضع وردد تعليمات الضابط، فقال الأمين: خذوا المفاتيح من المصرى رجعوها للأجنبى ومشوه وهاتولى رخص المصرى!!
كل هذا والأمين لم ينزل من السيارة ولم يعاين الحادث ولم يحدد من المخطئ ولم يسأل عن المصابة ولم يطلب لها الإسعاف، فما كان من المصرى سوى أن فقد أعصابه وأمسك فى خناق الأمين والعساكر فبعد أن دمرت سيارته وأصيبت قريبته وتحول إلى متهم،كان عليه أن يسلم رخصه باعتباره المخطئ وينصرف الأجنبى دون أدنى مساءلة، هذا بالطبع لا يحدث فى أى مكان فى الدنيا ولا حتى على كوكب القرود،
فما أحكيه لكم بدا لى وكأنه خيال علمى، وتحول الموقف إلى كوميديا سوداء، فقد رفض المصرى تسليم المفاتيح للأجنبى والشرطة اعتبرته معتديا على رجال الأمن أثناء تأدية وظيفتهم (مع أننى حاولت أن أفهم وظيفتهم فى هذا الموقف بالتحديد ولكنى فشلت) ووقف الأجنبى يضحك على هذا الفيلم الكوميدى وعلى موقف الشرطة وموقف المواطن فهذا لم يره فى حياته بالمرة ما لم يكن قد زار مصر من قبل!!
وبالتأكيد هذه المعاملة المهينة للمواطن المصرى داخل وطنه عندما يشاهدها المواطن العربى تصبح هى السبب فى إهانة المصريين فى كل بلاد العالم، فلو هانت علىَّ نفسى لكانت على الناس أهون، ونحن مشتركون فى ذلك حكومة وشعبا ففى نفس السياق تداولت برامج التليفزيون خبرا مفزعا يقول : «إنه تم ضبط ٤٠ ألف حالة زواج فتيات قصر من مسنين عرب خلال عام ٢٠٠٨ فقط ومعظم هذه الزيجات وقعت فى مدينة البدرشين والعياط والحوامدية» أليست هذه إهانة جارحة فى حق الشعب المصرى، والمضحك أن الحكومة بعد كل هذا كانت تحتفل ببدء العمل بنظام التوقيع الإلكترونى لموظفى الدولة معلنة بذلك أن دخول مصر إلى العصر الرقمى، أهو أنت اللى رقمى وستين رقمى كمان، لأن سعد زغلول قال من زمان (مفيش فايدة) ولم يصدقه أحد!! ولا تنس دائما أن تحمل جواز سفرك الأجنبى، لأن البيه الضابط سيسألك حتما: انت أجنبى ولا مصرى؟

John said...

I was an Egyptian one day, and was never proud. Now I am American and proud.

Hicham said...

If you don't care about a person you'll ignore but if you love you'll talk about. Same goes for our country, Egypt (the country) which I see it as great one despite what we all suffer from which is accommodation of many many many many years back; count count till 200 years or older.

6 October 1973 although I wasn't born yet means a lot for me and it's at least showed up when we do something right we succeed.

Yes I am Egyptian and Proud!