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Thursday, February 27, 2014

856) 7 years of Blogging :::: Where Am I today?!

Today marks the 7th birthday -my lucky number- of my blog ... yeah it has been 6 month since my last post, and that is the longest period ever I stopped publishing on my blog, but in 7 years, that is not that much time.

It was a weird feeling not to be able to express myself through writings as I used to over all these years. It was something like a mental / psychological block that kept me not able of putting any thought on paper during that period.

This is coinciding with getting into the late 30s and soonly moving to 40s, where I am stopping before a huge and massive milestone & checking not only if I am still on the right track, but if it is the right track in the first place.

I traveled to many places in 3 different continents during these 6 months, thought a lot about it, and realized that some dreams deserve to die for while other dreams are to be kept in that wonderful golden fluffy cage somewhere in your mind.

On the public front, lots of disappointments and frustrations over the last 3 years, and I still have hope that by staying in Egypt and helping in changing of the mindset of the younger generations, we can change the culture in the future ... I am still working on it, but awaaaaay from politics.
On the mental / career front, things are not going as good as it was before the revolution(s) in business, but I am still challenging myself to focus on quality not pursue money to compensate for the lost business. Yet, I had to let go of some expensive dreams and replace them with more practical ones.
On the emotional front I am still fighting and struggling to find "the best friend for the rest of my life" to be my life partner rather than settling for the increasing urge of companionship and increasing pressures from family and society. I am also getting back to physically meet my close friends in person after falling into the virtual trap for a long time and losing the taste real friendships.
On the spiritual front, although my practices are not getting any better - except on the moral part-, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I can feel the greatness of God in everything, and I am so grateful more than ever. I am sure I will reach that level of purity I wanna reach someday ISA. I am still still struggling with the dual-faced society that focuses on the practices and looks rather than the faith and actions.
On the phyiscal front, my health is fine, and I am almost sustaining a regular workout practice to keep myself of gaining weight, get more fit, and lead a healthy life-style (I gotta be trained from now, not when I am old).

So more or less, I realized that life is a continuous non-ending struggle with myself and others, and as much as the hardships of these struggles, as much as it is the essence of its beauty till reaching my destination ... The secret is feeling grateful for what I have, ambitious about what I wanna have, and not regretful for what I haven't had.

Happy Birthday my Blog :)



Maryam said...

howa, how come it is published today showing the date of 27th? it made me double check my calender twice :-)))))))))

I am happy about the very last statement you wrote summarizing what life and happiness are all about.

I am happy with the "new" satisfaction i can feel and clearly see in your words.

i am happy the things you had to "replace" were "only" expensive goods with practical ones. this is the easiest choice you can make in life. some other "replacements" could be more difficult. i am happy you were spared such.

i am happy you are winning most of your struggles with yourself and others, even if some get lost, still you are doing fine.

I am happy about the gratitude that shines from your words. if you only reached this, you are sure on the right track as human- and for me this is more than enough to know about you.

the right track is such a wide area, but the good thing is that it is flexible to adjust as well.
getting into your 40s could be different - or not. that could change in a minute - or not. leave it till then.

Egypt & politics we keda: i am out :-)

Maryam said...

I am happy you started meeting your friends in person. i was wishing you this for quite some time now.
there was the time when i felt you spend too long time behind the screen, or let me say "virtual" rather than in person. and that is dangerous trap we all fell in for some time. This IS different. it makes you smile often.
enjoy :-)

I am happy to see the smile at the end of the post as well as feel it all over.

Happy Birthday to your blog. Very much missed :-)

Mohaly said...

You know what ... u made me Happy to see you that Happy :)

Mohaly said...

Seems that I am finally getting "Mature" .. !

Maryam said...

Well, if you are happy bc i am happy then you are on the right track of being human. And believe me that's a hell of a job :-)

Maryam said...

Yes.that's what i have been telling myself too. You are getting there. Nothing bad meant, i can only trace some disappointments and hurt that u have managed to cope with in a good way. Only this way we mature and learn to be grateful and appreciate even the smallest pleasures. Matureing has actually nothing to do with age, u know. Pain is the best "fitting tool" into the model of human being.
So this means you are back permenantly or just for the blog' birthday?
And u didnt answer: how come it is posted today with thursday's date?

Dina "Zeiada " said...
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Dina Marei said...

Oh finally you posted here again ... 7amdellah 3la el salama .
May be you stopped writing on the blog six months ago , but I never stopped reading nor learning from your writings.
You can't expect to what extent I'm happy for seeing you writing again :)

Happy birthday for your blog and happy long life for you :)

But why it appears to be posted at 27th of February ?

Mohaly said...

I am gratful for you girls ...

As for the post date, may be it is set on NewZealand time, or coz it is the blog anniversary date and the blog wanna celebrate it in its own way :)

Maryam said...

no need to thank me, i wasn't complementing you :-)
I barely stated what i could feel from your words. the good job was done by yourself. so reward yourself :-)

I am really happy for you :-)

NAMES said...

Finally, I'm SO glad to have you back, i always check the blog to see if you are back or not and i was quite sure that you will be back in its birthday :). I am very happy that in this long time you did some self-care and energized some old and golden habits.
Please don't stop blogging again. you were missed begad..
Happy birthday to your blog and wish you best of luck in 2014!

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