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Monday, June 8, 2015

865) Mr & Mrs. Know it All !

How come everyone knows about everything ?!

How come everyone has all the questions and the answers ?!

How come everyone thinks he/she has the absolute and abstract right?!

How come everyone else must be stupid, ugly, traitor, son of a @#$% ?!

Who gave anyone the right to think that he/she is better than others?

Why can't we simply accept that even the same goal has different paths?

As Nietzsche said: "You have your way, I have my way, As for the right way, the correct way, it does not exist".



Names said...

Welcome back :) walahy mabsota.

I think this kind of people have a personality disorder. We can call them narcissists..

Mohaly said...

Thank You.

I wont fall in the trap of Judging them myself. But the harm they are doing is really big.

Mohaly said...


Names said...

بنت اختي عندها تلات سنين ونص امبارح بتطلب من مامتها تعملها حاجة ف مامتها بتقولها ان شاء الله حبيبتي فكان الرد اللي صدمنا منها (لا دلوقتي يا مامي مش ان شاء الله ). بالرغم من اننا متعودين لما نقول ان شاء الله علي حاجة بنعملها . هاموت واعرف هي فكرت فيها ازاي ..

Mohaly said...

Foreigners do the same when they want to get away from the situation... In-Shaa-Allah

Names said...

Unfortunately yes :(

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