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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Using Women Bodies....Why is the number of models increasing?

The issue of using women's bodies from contests to ads passing by clips...etc is becoming awful and disgusting. But why girls keep on supporting this, and more & more models are coming up everyday, i don't know. May be a girl will help!
P.S. Guys are welome too.



Yasmine said...

misconception and false perception of the western culture, ie, a model is glamorous and loved by everyone.


15 minutes of fame.

Tamer Mokhtar said...

:) I guess we need first to define the word "Model", and then I guess the answer going to be easier to your question.

What we see I’m not sure that's can fit under Model, it should has another name :) "I’ll name it mozza "
but the question is why they all almost naked and why usually you can see the bed in the scene? Is that what's called "call for action" :)
Bass I admit that some are mozzaz sawarekh :) yet most are fake like balloons “bokra tefar2a3” so for your safety keep always one meter distance, or if you have tafaya then everything is fine.

Yasmine Ismail said...

because they are idiots dreaming of false fun, and short-lived glory!

I know that "sex sells" but statistically speaking, how much difference will it make if we have ads without using bodies? i dont think much coz guys dont jump of thier "asses" when they see a babe and go buy the product, do they?!


Yasmine said...

hehehe amen to that YI :)))))

khateeb said...

Summer time is here, show some skin baby is getting hot...

Gob be with me this summer, last summer was world cup and i couldn't help myself of searing at women its the devil i tell you its baaaaaad news for singles baaaaaad news ....hehe