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Monday, April 16, 2007

Women....God Bless You :)

--I think women are a great blessing from God.
--They give life a taste, odour, and color (hopefully good one).
--I believe that the luckiest man is the one who has a loving and caring woman/women (mother, sister, wife, daughter) in his life.


P.S. I am not in love.


Fatiflower said...

wennaby eh ya Mohaly, ennaghama dih guedida 3alik. 2ouly eh ely 7asal bezabt. :)

Anyway, thank you for such nice words dedicated to women. I agree with you about it.

Mohaly said...

nothing...just getting emeotional these days, dunno why!

Yasmine Ismail said...

Thank you Mohaly, and knowing you from a while, you were always sensitive person. May be getting emeotional these days because of the surgery.


Fruitgirls said...

Wow .. this is really nice ..
ya rab 7ad ye2adar ba2a ba3d el kalam el ketir ely byt2al da .. 2ol lel welad ely ma3ahom really good girls w mesh me2adarenhom ..so with girls who have awesome guys ..

Anyways .. nice things you have in this blog .. keep it up :)