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Monday, April 2, 2007

Contradictions in Our Lives - V.....Naked & Proud!

Freedom is personal, but when you represent a relatively conservative country, more decency is expected in your outfit.

P.S. How did they choose her to be Miss Egypt in the 1st place!!



Fatiflower said...

They meant by this representation to say that Egypt is a transparent country :P

Fatiflower said...

you should be able to read between the lines and see through the veil :O

Fatiflower said...

Ugly but transparent this the ultimate paradoxal contradiction :P

omar said...

eih ya Fatima
enti sharba 7aga elnaharda wala eih

Actually Mohaly I think she is the best representation of the slogan of this period "AL SHAFAFEYA"

Fatiflower said...

houa dah ely bey2oulou 3alih "Essahl El Momtane3" this how Egypt is: first contradiction of veiled and covered women taking picture (they look like how the government present changes of legislation to people, no one can see what it is) and the second contradiction is the naked miss Egypt (this is how Egypt present itself to the world, transparence, clarity and beauty) bas in reality it is "essahl el mamnou3"
3andak 7a2 ya 3omar shakly t7ately 7aga fel nescafe beta3 sob7 ;)

Mohaly said...

wow! i can see that some people are developing into philosophers in this Blog.

Tamer Mokhtar said...

what i can see in this pic is that she representing the Egyptian delta, and every one lives in the delta has to locate where he is living, i've selected mine, hurry & find ur place :)

Masr hatefdal ghalya 3alena!!

Yasmine Ismail said...

Good Morning everyone,

Tamer, don't take it personal but I gotta tell ya, YOU ARE "SAFEL"!


Tamer Mokhtar said...

well, i'll not take it personal cause it's obvious :)

safel & proud (one of my slogans :))))))

Tamer Mokhtar said...

People from Cairo are always lucky & winning :)

omar said...

enta keda dakhalt fel ghareek ya tamer!

Tamer Mokhtar said...

I used to :) don't worry

heard that this girl called fawzeya or fayza (so i have to say Ya 7alawtek ya fayza lama teb2y ......)

Mohaly said...

com'on people. Girls are half of this blog readers...Shewayet e7sas!!

Tamer Mokhtar said...

ya gama3a 3eeb mesh keda :)
khalas ya Mohaly sebhomly ana

Hany Zenhom said...

hey guys... be calm. she just lost weight during the competition!!

Tamer Mokhtar said...

Sham3a ta7tarek men agl masr!

Fatiflower said...

hahahahahahaha +.... enta sa7ee7 2asdak kan safel fel mawdou3 dah ya Tamer :DDDDDDDD enta 3arefny khadet ma3aya wa2t 3ou2bal mafhemt 2asdak, houa bas far2 el taw2eet bean masr wel maghreb :DDDD

Geeee said...

WOH WOH Hey everyone ... there's a big misunderstanding here, it's not what it looked like :D nah not to this extend Fatima, Omar and Y.I.

ya T :D el nas fehmetak 3'alat take shoft ba2a :D but anyway, what I'm thinking of about this post ya Mohaly ;) wa7'edly balak enta :D is that this was a competition we zay manta 3aref in competition, anything is allowed. So in my opinion she had to do so or look like this to win because this is the style of such events.

like in wars, u can use whatever you like - we rakez 3ala de ;) - to win your war or you gonna lose.

Of course she crossed the line but at the end it was her call mohaly to enter such event which in fact doesn't say anything or relate to us la men be3eed wala men 2orayeb (habala ya3ny), so she must follow up the instructions to WIN we rabena youstor 3alena ba2a ;)

bs el mohem ba2a ... heya kesbet wala eh?? wel loun el banafsegy da gamed awy el sara7a ya3ny :D byfakarny bel tawoos :D

PS: Mohaly ... abos edak er7amna men el topics el menayla beta3tak de :D kiddin' ;)

TR said...

Dy de3aya sayye2a le masr.
keda el nas hatefham en ma3andenash feloos neshterilha ba2eet el fostan 3ashan te7dar beeh el 7afla!!!!
ba2a da kalam?!!!!

TR said...

we ba3dein it's still better than sending a camel with the pyramids as a background to represent Egypt as miss EGYPT.
I'm saying this because a couple of days ago I was having a walk downtown in Brisbane, and I stopped by a travel agent which was displaying ticket prices to several destinations worldwide.
Ofcourse the first destination was to the UK (fine), second (obvious, America), and then came all destinations including Croatia and Yemen!!!!(Egypt didn't even qualify to be on the list).
I looked inside and I found the traditional poster. Egypt air on top(sharekat masr lel maragee7)and the famous camel and pyramids. underneath that comes the order,"visit Egypt". I remember that the first time I saw that same poster I was only four on my first trip to the UK with my mom.(that was more than 25 years ago) but I'm sure that it's the same camel in the photo since then.

bo2bo2 said...

maho ya3ny ya mohaly enta kaman mostafez awe

what good would come out of opening such discussion

ya3ny fatiflower is too embarrassed to post something @ the first time

Yasmine said...

tr, chances are, it's the same photo, if not the same poster, like LITERALLY the same batch printed 25 yrs ago :)

bas 3ala meen yaba! masr omm el donya, ya kelab!
we7na mayhemenash el tafaseel el soghayara di, we know that we're the best!

we ba3den matseebo el benaya te2la3 wala tetnayel 3ala 3enha!
at least she's straight forward about what she would do...
el dor wel ba2i 3al mo7agabat el metkalfeteen we 3aysheen dor khadra el sharifa we homa neela.
(no offense to any veiled readers, i'm not generalizing, but targeting a specific group of people that is part of our society).

aaaaaaah yana yamma!

Mohaly said...


- She used it, and she lost, she didnt even qualify to top 10. so i dont think this way works.

- everything is right in love and war, i dont believe in that.

- and the cause dosen't always justify the means.


Mohaly said...


- The point is pointing out our contradictions in the series I started.

- If you don't like a topic, don't comment :)


Mohaly said...


I guess you are Tamer Rezk, right?

I guess you, yasmine, and fatima got exactly what I had in mind. Thanks for putting it the way you did.

About visiting Egypt, just wanna say that an Arab friend was visiting last summer and told me that he is fed up from Nawart Masr Campaign, and he only comes to Egypt coz he has friends here but not because of being a lighting Fanous!!


TR said...

He he, the lighting fanousis targeting el ekhwa el 3arab, but in the western countries, they still use the camel. good that we had this post because in 25 years time, you're gonna tell your kids, that the fanous campaign existed 25 years ago.

Fatiflower said...

P.S. Yassmine Farahat: I don't like when people start to talk this way on Hijab especially a muslim woman. I was not wearing Hijab before and as you may know in Morocco girls are more open and they can wear what they want when they're not scarfed....

I was living in a European style :clothing and behaving, I travelled and lived alone and I experienced all kind of foolish experiences but I reached a point when I decided to choose my identity and my religion, either I am muslim or I am not and I decided to practice my religion as much as I can without having to be another person but myself. This doesn't mean that I am perfect or saint I still make errors but I am struggling to be a good muslim, sometimes I succeed and most of the time I fail but this is human.

I shouldn't be a good muslim becasue I wear Hijab but I should be a good muslim because I am muslim, which means that all of us should reflect the beauty of our religion either mohajabat or not.

Yasmine said...

Don't misunderstand me fatiflower, i totally agree with what you're saying.
My point is, we're criticizing a person who's decided to openly say who she is, what lifestyle she's following (whether right or wrong is not the issue), without any pretense or tamseel. Yet we are completely ignoring the ones who pretend to be something they're not, demeaning the reputation of our beloved religion.
We live in a time where the only measurement of how good a muslim you are is what you wear. Sad but true.
Not because a girl is wearing a veil it means that she's a good muslim, and vice versa.
i've met countless veiled women who are a disgrace to islam (not my place to judge, but some examples are really hard not to irritate you), and countless non-veiled women who are exemplary models of how a muslim should be.

in the end, i believe wearing a hijab or not is a personal choice, one that a woman should be free to make or not.
But those who do decide to make that choice should be ready for it, and embrace it responsibly, because when they dont respect that lifestyle, they are really disrespecting Islam.

that is why i said, no offense to any veiled woman, i'm not generalizing, rather speaking of the specific group who harms islam's image with their irresponsible acts and dishonesty.

Fatiflower said...

Eh ya bo2bo2 betstafezeny ya3ny balash entah 3ashan ma9ararsh aguy warak Cairo wenta 3aref beye7sal eh lamah ana akoun fe makan ma we khsousan lama te7tag concentration :P

khateeb said...

I like all your comment ppl, begad i feel honored to be among you and commenting along side you.

The topic here is a miss world pageant, Egypt among some Arab countries don't participates as countries since the selection is not open to the public. Yet, the pageant committees which are two miss world which happen in July and miss universe which happens in December, allows free participants from countries thats don't send official delegates.

To cut a long story short, the babe excuse my French is representing herself but she also happen to be from Egypt which make the topic interesting.

what she has to know is that its not by showing skin, makeup, and a sign of the hand pageants are won, even though its very degrading to women in my opinion the process is tuff and not easy at all. Its how original you are not how much modeling you can do. If being original is the problem this brings me to my second point why are we not conducting an official selection to make the image what we want, if we don't go someone else will and will lose and with it take our image away...so why don't we go and show how original we are and maybe we will have a chance, if we don't like to participate in the swimsuit competition lets design something that matches our life and go with it and make it our way Egypt is missing a national dress a national drink and a national food among other national stuff but i think looking for something that makes us different and is good would not be so hard to find

Yasmine said...

while originality is the key indeed, it still has to fall within the guidelines put by the pageant's organizers, which are demeaning because they objectify women, create competition based essentially on looks, something that's God granted, not a personal choice or effort.

so i don't think they will let a contestant skip the swimsuit competition without disqualifying her, as she's failing to meet all the necessary "criteria".
why do we need a swimsuit competition in the first place? that's the objectifying women part.

so originality and individuality here is limited to a pretty face, a nice body, and as much skin as the contestant is willing to bare.

Mohaly said...

I totally support what you are saying khateeb (thx for the info.) and yasmine as well.

I just added a post about using women's bodies as well.