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Saturday, April 21, 2007

THE 100th POST

This is my 100th post since I started blogging.
I didn't imagine that it will come in such circumstances (90 mins before a surgery), so I will just say what I feel at the moment without editing....

Although it is not a big operation, but it is my 1st, and "el 2a3mar beyad Allah".
I just want to say that I tried my best to make a positive difference, sometimes I succeeded, others I didn't but I am not regretting the time or effort, and I am sure that if I 'didn't finish what i am trying to start, others will definitely do, and even better than me.
I tried to love everyone or at least like, and el 7amdulleah I don't hate anyone and don't have enemies.
I just have a request, if I did or say anything to anyone that made him/her upset, please forgive me.

Pray for me,

Operation at 9am CLT, in hospital till Sunday, in bed at home till 30 April.
P.S. I have written 2 draft posts that will be published with someone's help in the next 2 days till I am able to "sit" again by Tuesday in-shaa-Allah.


khateeb said...

god be with u and get well soon

Fruitgirls said...

Get well soon insha2Allah w rabena ye2awemak bel salama insha2Allah ..
You'll be just good ..

omar said...

salamtak ya rayes.
u were and will always be a valuable friend, God Bless you.

Fatiflower said...

Alf Salam 3alik ya Mohaly, te2oum besalam we nefra7 beek 2orayeb inshallah ;)