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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Contradictions Part VI - Egypt Anchorwomen Battle for Hijab

Ranyah Sabry (BBC News)

The last four years in the lives of TV presenters Hala El Malki and Ghada El Tawil have been a continuous struggle brought about by their employers’ refusal to implement two court verdicts

TV anchors Hala elMalki and Ghada El Tawil have won court cases in civil court and state court; opinions in both courts affirmed their right to wear hijab while anchoring the news. The TV state-owned station will not relent, however.

The fact that Egypt is a Muslim-majority country makes this totally absurd.


Fatiflower said...

instead of fighting women wearing Hijab they should fight with Ra2asat ''belly Dancers" fel cabarehat wel banat ely mashiya 2al3a fe shaware3. I just want to know why these people don't accept a muslim women practicing her religion as Hijab is part of our religion. It's an absolute dectatory not to let people practice their religion.

TR said...

Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall.
William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616)

TR said...

And Mohaly, Now I recognized why I stopped blogging a long time ago. Life in my country really made me frustrated. Let's stick to the point, dear Fatiflower, there's no need to fight either of them because virtue comes though freedom of choice between the right and the wrong. Yassmine once commented on another post about hijab (hypocrisy of girls wearing hijab and their behaviour is totally unacceptable) and everyone just objected. I'll never judge the hearts of people, but a part of it is not just religion, it's also a rebellious act against the rules set by our government(again I'm not judging the hearts of people, I'm just pointing to factors that enhance this dilemma).
Just give people the freedom of choice and they will choose the right thing(this is general and not related to hijab).
This is how we got ourselves into that situation, on TV hijab is prohibited, so TV presenters will continuously fight for their right to wear it on TV.
On the streets hijab is enforced (religion, culture, and community) thats why you'll find these girls that Yassmine has mentioned before.
A long story short, just give people the freedom of choice and they will choose the right thing (Egyptians specifically have been more religious and conservative since early history more than other nations. They even were the first to believe in monotheism, that wasn't religion but at least it just prepared them to accept religion).

Yasmine said...

yonsor deenak ya tr :D
aiwa keda, ana kont 7asa nafsi lewa7di.

Just to add to tr's perfectly presented point, 3ala ra2y el masal, "el mamnou3 marghoub".
take away something (good or bad) from people, and they'll subconsciously want it, seek it and get it (directly or indirectly).
And it works both ways, with right and wrong.
Check out the 2 opposite examples of the Saudi society and how they're all leading a double-life, and the French when they band hijab in public institutes, and how Muslims residing there fought for it.
So like tr said, treat people like adults, FREE adults, give them the freedom to make up their own minds and choose, whatever their choice is. Everyone knows right from wrong. kol wa7ed yekhalih fe nafso, we mano3odsh nefa3as fe ba3d, 7akem e7na el bani2admin nemout nefa3as fel 7awalena.