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Sunday, April 29, 2007

113) Dark or Blond?

Since a female editor is temp. managing a male blog, it is my chance to have a question that Mohaly won't even notice. You know hair color indicates quite a big part of the current personality of the girl. Here are 2 pics of Khajida (Egypt second lady) with dark and blond hair. Would you vote for the dark or blond hair when she becomes the first lady?

Yasmine Ismail
(and this one not behalf of Mohaly)


amina said...

wow, she looks so different!

Yasmine said...

i don't think the brunette photo is Khadija. If i'm not mistaken, that's mini driver, the actress.
resemblance is strong, bas Khadija's always been a blond ever since she was "introduced" to the public.
Not to mention that the brunette pic (mini driver) looks way older that the early 20s khadija...

omar said...

eih ya Y.I., khed3a wala eih :)
anyway, yasmine farahat u didnt answer the "important" question!!

The Egyptian said...

None of the egyptian girls are naturally blond. In fact they look cheap when they dye their hair as blond hair doesn't naturally suit their features, that's why I vote for blond if she becomes the first lady(when she becomes...)

Yasmine said...

hi Omar
i couldnt care less what hair color she has, inshalla 7ata yeb2a blue, maghsoubeen 3alena heya we gozha, so what difference does it make? :)

Yasmine Ismail said...

hi yasmine, actually i got it through the internet from reputable websites, it is unusual to put fake pics there! but anyway, my point was what TR mentioned although he said in a sneaky way ;)