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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Don't Answer....Any Answer is wrong!

In Roz-al-Youssuf, I have read an interview with a college girl saying:

"I evaluate the guy through the answer of 1 question: "Do you accept marrying a girl who is not virgin?". If he said yes, or no, or even it depends, I don't consider him a real man!!! coz the only right answer is "it doesn't matter"! ".

This is like choose any color as long as it is blue!



omar said...

ma3lesh di lamo2akhza!!

amina said...

how did some girls reach this stage of no 7ayaa!
it is a sign of qeyama

Tamer Mokhtar said...

we 3ala ra2y Mohamed Henady, "el 7agat de mesh madmona el ayam deh"

Yasmine Ismail said...

may be if she is in the US i would have understood where she is coming from, but saying that in Egypt is weird!


bo2bo2 said...

may b she's "coming from" the US LOL

khateeb said...

if its her freedom to lose it, it must be other people to judge and at least say something about it. But to be heart core blunt about it she must be either stupid or crazy any way it doesn't matter she has another name in my dictionary...

How would most girls answer a question like are you a virgin or not?

i feel it is a tuff question but has to pop up at sometime in a relationship?

omar said...

it has a close name like what khateeb has bardo

Yasmine said...

just to make things clear, i don't agree with the concept of the answer at all. not in our country, culture or religion.
YET, I understand where it's coming from.
people make mistakes, men and women. say a girl was foolish and reckless, naive and in love, whatever the reason, but she ended up sleeping with a guy. it's a mistake, she admits it and regrets it. does that mean she is doomed, and would never be able to marry a decent guy? will she be judged forever because of that mistake, however big it is?
like khateeb said, this is something that will have to come up in a relationship eventually.
if she's dating a guy, and it's going well, and they're considering having a future together (which means that he thinks she's a good person), if she told him that she's not a virgin due to a mistake she regrets. Does that mean that he would end it just because of a mistake?

I want you all to think of what i said in a very objective way, and share your thoughts.