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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fair Dictatorship - Part II : Political Maturity

I am bringing up this subject again coz I don't think we reached a final understanding regarding the sub-issue of political maturity (Why, how, & when).

bo2bo2 said...
sorry gee i don't believe in "only solutions" what right is right i am against anything that treats Egyptians as politically immature "when u treat a child as a man he becomes a man" bo2bo2
Mohaly said...
I agree ya bo2bo2 if the child is well raised and have no psychological problem, but when he has been subjected to hunger, fear, and injustice; i.e homeless child, he needs to go through rehabilitation before being treated as a man in order to be able to be responsible for his own acts.
Yasmine Ismail said...
sorry bo2bo2, they are, the people who give their votes to the one who pay more are politically immature. the people who talk much but do nothing are politically immature. The people who care about themselves without having a real belonging and seeing the bigger benefit of the country are politically immature. The people who still screw up the public property, the people who say an opinion, and change it when you turn around are politically immature.i guess these are the social diseases mohaly talked about and it needs to be cured before moving on.Y.I.


Moheb Kostanty said...

yes there is no "only solotions" mr.bo2bo2, but the majority of egyptian isn't politically mature.

TR said...

Do we need a new dictator? I didn't wanna answer that the first time(3ashan el sawrageyya may2oloosh 3alena enhezameyyeen).Yes we do.
Politically immature? Yes we are. But Immature gives the impression that we're not yet capable of doing it, so I'll put it in another words, let's say we're politically sterilized (a7san keda?). Yes we've been neutralized, pacified then sterilized through years and years of governmental effort to create the totally obedient Egyptian citizen that you can see now.
Yes we need a dictator who loves the country and wants the best for it. Yes we need to be introduced gradually into the active political life.
You're right bo2bo2, if you treat a child as a man he becomes a man. I totally agree, but you can't ask an infant to fly an aircraft because you treat him as a grown up.
Ana mostaslem?
Tayyeb olly enta, meeen fee baladak yenfa3 ra2ees gomhoreyya!!!!keteer, tayyeb name one, mafeesh. Every body who had the potential was quickly treated and sterilized.
Al sayyed Mubarak is giving us the finger(sorry), remember the last election?
only one name other than mubarak. Ayman Nour, where is he now?
Remember the rest of the candidates?one of them is even older than Mubarak and the other wants to enforce the Tarbouch as the national costume. I don't mind the tarbouch back (The whole country is a joke already, wel tarbouch mesh hayet3ebna awy), but the point is, his whole campaign will be the tarbouch campaign.
Tayyeb balash dol. khallina feena e7na(e7na kaman well educated and open minded). What do we really know about politics? not much.
Not much because we have a theoritical experience, we never practiced it.
Yes, I'm sorry. We're not ready for it yet.

Mohaly said...
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Mohaly said...

TR I have to admit that the "Political Sterilization" is a brilliant term. You should copy right it.

But balash direct attack (that can be considered insult) coz the new ammendment (179) gives them the right to confisicate everything, and we are here mainly to think and develop not attack the current president or society.

This is not fear from them as much as fear from the wasted time if they stopped us. You know what I mean. So let's stick to DEVELOPMENT.

bo2bo2 said...

la ba2a amma arwa7 loko ba2a wakteb bera7ty

omar said...

ya bo2bo2, dont take it personally. the opinions above from ones who loves egypt and want it to be better. we can't just go saying e7na a7san nas while we arent, but on the other hand we should work on being so.

by the way where is Titi, havent seen any comment from him since a while?

Tamer Mokhtar said...

Hi everyone, wish that kolo tamam :)
thanks omar for asking, i guess more than one week away, was busy akher 7aga :)

P.S. Mohaly i got the feeling that your blog became like (newpaper, el Jazeera - and u know my opinion about this)!! fun ya ma3alek khaly el nass tehayess :)

Mohaly said...

welcome back ya tamer, el nas sa2alet 3aleek ya 3am :)

we ba3deen manta 3aref it is a serious blog with fun every now and then :)

we ba3deen e7na etataf2na that your blog will lead el tahyees :)

bo2bo2 said...

NOOoo nothing personl i was busy @ work and i wanted to have the time to write what i think @ least this would be the opinion that we're leaving for the blog readers in 200 years when there's real fully mature democracy in Egypt

the way that you guyz r proposing this is slow and i think would never be driving people to ever mature

there's a person i know that is French living in Hurghada she went to her country's council in hurghada so she can vote

and we didn't have enough participation for the constitution

people don't know what the constitution is there's responses which is similar to the Americans

well ma 3aleena

the idea is people would learn from their mistakes when u have a child you owe him his right to learn from his mistakes we

as long as there's no one in egypt thinks that his vote doesn't count (which is NOT true) if we all participate in the voting process no one can debate it's results

there's no way that we can learn anything when there's always someone making decisions for us as long as this is the case

Mohaly said...

yes amir, but there must be someone who obliges through his fairness & honesty, this passive massives to move and particpate, and if they did once, and felt the difference, then they are on the first step of maturity, but they wont move alone. it has been like that for 1000s of years. there is always this God Father...Narmar, Ahmos, Kottoz, Salah El Din, Omar Makram, Orabi, Zaghlol, Nasser!

bo2bo2 said...

so who do u think that might b

i prefer the greek , roman senate system

a leader is not someone who tells people what to do

i saad or other's came to say something that does not represent what the people want to have, he wouldn't be saad

or we could have had a loved king farouk and no revolution

TR said...

I'm sorry Mohaly, you're right I seem to cross the red line sometimes.

Mohaly said...

No I am not for kingdom again except if it is like the british system.

The leader doesnt tell them what to do but INSPIRES them to.