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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Al-Jazeera Documentary - Where is the truth?

Did anyone see the documentary film that was prodcasted by Al-Jazeera yesterday mid-night covering the torturing of Egyptians in the Police station.

I cant believe that is true. If it is, then Why, police men are fellow citizens, what do they gain from doing such horrible stuff even with criminals who should be send to court first. By the way, does anyone know if we have anything about having a lawyer attending with any suspect like in the US or not?

I felt so bad after watching that I haven't slept till 5am!!



omar said...

it was shown at 1:30am dubai time so i just saw 20 mins, actually didnt want to watch more. rabena yostor 3ala el gamee3

amina said...

7asbona Allah wa ne3ma al wakeel!

The Egyptian said...

Yes, you are allowed to call a lawyer and have him attend the investigation.
you can fin this in the Egyptian constitution, article no.71.

Here it is:

Article 71 :
Any person arrested or detained should be informed, forthwith with the reasons for his arrest or detention.

He has the right to communicate, inform, and ask the help of anyone as prescribed in the law. He must be faced, as soon as possible, with the charges directed against him.
Any person may lodge a complaint to the courts against any measure taken to restrict his individual freedom.

The law regulates the right of complaint in a manner ensuring a ruling regarding it within a definite period, or else release is imperative.

The whole Egyptian constitution (in English):

The Egyptian said...
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Mohaly said...

Thanks a lot TR for the info. although I wonder if it is really used.

The Egyptian said...

Yeah I know it's confusing, because there's an unwritten law that wont allow you to have a lawyer with you during the investigation by either not allowing you to use the phone (not even your cellular as I heard(just heard) that they take it away from you, or if you manage to call a lawyer the keep you waiting for as long as they can untill your lawyer leaves (wallaho a3lam)

Yasmine said...

i havent watched this documentary, but i read about how much trouble they had to prepare it, that the police confiscated the videotapes (even though they'd agreed to allow them to prepare the film) and if they hadnt made second copies and sneaked them out of the country, they wouldnt have been able to make the documentary.

have you ever watched the videos filmed by police officers of them and their colleagues humiliating and beating up detainees?
and the worst part is that they're actually filming it for their own pleasure, not to catch each other red-handed.

maskina ya masr!

omar said...

there is a word of three letters (in egyptian arabic) very fitting to this situation but don't wanna write it 3ashan fe banat