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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mohaly for Anti Smoking - Part I

Being a well-developed person, and really proactive/productive won't be complete without throwing this piece of S%#@ from your hand. I wont say it will make your life shorter coz it is Gods will, but it will definitely will make your HAPPY life shorter.


Yasmine said...

I have seen the effects of years of heavy smoking right in front of me (my father), and even though he's still alive and relatively well elhamdolellah, he's suffering for lots of things; high blood pressure, shortness of breath, he even had a minor heart attack a few years ago... and he still wouldn't quit, not even limit the number of cigarettes (we're talking about 3 packs a day!)
it's a really unnecessary habit, with so many negative effects it makes you think, is it really worth it??

Yasmine Ismail said...

I totally support Mohaly & Yasmine. I really don't get what kind of fun people find in smoking!!


Anonymous said...

Very Symbolic Picture.

The Egyptian said...

Both Yasmines,
There's no fun in smoking, and smokers aren't that stupid not to recognize that it destroys their health. I used to smoke for 10 years( I was a heavy smoker as well) before I quit 80 days ago> It's a very bad habbit and it's a psychological addiction more than physical. I tried everything available, nicotine patches, chewing gums, lollies but none of them worked. The major problem is just breaking that habbit of having a cigarette between your fingers. Well what happened to me was simply the following. I bought a pack before I go to work 80 days ago, I had one cigarette with my coffee outside and then I said that that was it, no more smokes(I still have that pack on my desk missing just one cigarette).
What happened afterwards was amazing. I recognized that I totally forgot how did it feel before I started smoking. I started to drink lighter coffees with less amount of sugar, rarely use salt anymore and it feels different when you breathe the fresh air, I can sleep deeper now and feel better when I wake up in the morning.
Here in Australia smoking is banned in closed areas including bars and pubs and even open air bars and restaurants. It's also against the law to smoke in front of shop displays (on the street) or smoke on park benches or bus stops. It was really irritating when I was smoking but now I do appreciate it.

TR said...

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