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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Calm & The Furious

Why is the person to the right calm & the person to the left furious?

1. The right told the left something that annoyed him.
2. The right didn't pay attention to what the left said.
3. The right doesn't get angry, just make others angry.
4. The right told the left to look furious 3ashan el sora tela3 7elwa!

Send the right answer to 911.

P.S. any resemblance with any of the people you know (family, friends,...etc) and this picture is a mere coincidence!



omar said...

law makontesh 2olt 3ala 7ekayet el shabah, kont eftakarto abo sa7by el antim jimmy!

I will vote for no.4 ;)

Yasmine Ismail said...

I'll vote for no.3 since I know someone living in the same country i am living in with very close charateristcis :)


Anonymous said...

The one to the left seems smart. The one to the right can't provoke him.