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Sunday, April 29, 2007

111) Sexual Orientation- Part II

A fellow free lancer has written an article about the most popular post here (the 1oo comments one), and I thought of sharing it with you (after Mohaly's permission) specially there were some of you (like Tamer Rizk) who asked Mohaly to re-open it to comment.

Although I don't agree with his notion of the more people means they are right, & keeping it public but I am still for the freedom of sexual orientation, and so is Mohaly (he just adds "you are free, but keep the distance :)

Yasmine Ismail
on behalf of Mohaly

"The popularity of gay lifestyle is evident from the number of gay dating sites that has sprung up on Internet in recent times. It is a blessed platform for closeted gays to contact gay males for gay sex, romance and love relationship as anyone else would wish for.
Out Personals, Queer - these words characterize gay lifestyle, which till today is not an accepted mode of life to a large populace on this planet. Even in modern, fast-paced societies where liberal attitudes and sexual liberation are a norm, gay men are looked down upon.Country politics and social caretakers indulge in raging debates on gay lifestyles and gay rights in discussion forums, parliament, and conventions.
There is a marked hesitancy in accepting gays in government services and other public enterprises, though some nations have accorded acceptance but more has to be done. The crux is that homosexuality is in practice since ages and it is still as popular, without any signs of receding or vanishing from the face of earth. Then why not accept it since it does not impinge on anyone’s privacy or way of life. Nor is it detrimental to the society since gay dating lifestyle is a much-closeted practice.
I am not advocating gay life as a gay-which I am not-but what I want to stress is that everyone has a right to express his or her sexuality and practice as long as it does not hurt others. The reason behind ridicule or sneer of gay lifestyle is that it is a biological aberrance as sex is for procreation and a man-to-man sex does not give birth to new being.
But then, anal sex practice is not limited to gay couples only, it is much practiced by straight couples too, so what is funny. Sex is for procreation but it is for pleasure too, and any which way you can. Therefore, “Out” sex practice is not restricted to guys only but rather practiced by straight lifestyle followers in some way or the other. So live and let live.

John Waltzer


Tamer Mokhtar said...

ya gama3a mesh keda, howa kolo homo keda, er7amona ba2a.

ya 3am mohaly kefaya homo, ana bada2t a2la2 3aleek :)

omar said...

eih ya tamoura, it is yasmine who came up again with the subject, and i witness that TR has asked for it as well

enta bas el homophobic shewaya :)

Yasmine said...

ya gama3a, we have no right to judge people.
kol wa7ed ye3mel el ye3gebo as long as they don't hurt you or bother you in anyway.
nobody's perfect, wel 7esab 3and rabena yom el 7esab.
wala eh :)

Mohaly said...

aho omar rad 3aleek yasee tamer.

and i totally agree with yasmine.

Yasmine Ismail said...

what is with you and the homosexuals tamer? did u have any bad experiences with them or what?
why everytime we mention them u start attacking?!


Yasmine Ismail said...

it weird that TR has asked to re-open the subject and he didnt comment till now! i was waiting to see his!


The Egyptian said...

I will, I just don't have much time these days, wel mawdoo3 da 3ayez rawa2an. I don't want to write anything that offends someone, or something that makes you get me wrong. I know it's a very sensitive subject(it's very sensitive for me in a way because I had a gay friend for more than 15 years without knowing it) so please wait till thursday and I'll tell you my story.

TR said...

Ok, ana gahez.
1St of all, please go back to the old post about homosexuals and read the reply that an anonymous wrote and everyone agreed that he's a homo. What will you do if that guy was someone you know? what will it be like if he was one of this small group? what I understand that you all know each other for a long time. What will you do if you discover that one of this group is gay? It's too hard to tell. This is what happened to me. I discovered that a friend I knew for 15 years was gay. He never tried to have a relationship with me but it happened on one of the very few occasions when he got really drunk, and that was when he broke up with his 3rd fiancée. I was always his closest friend, I took him out trying to get him out of his mood when he started drinking until he was hardly aware of what he was saying.
His fiancée told me that he was treating her like (wa7ed sa7bo).
I knew all his family(actually they treat me like a member of that family) and I spent a lot of my time at their home, that's why it wasn't too hard to start my observations on him afterwards.
First of all, this is a perversion that I cannot deny and cannot defend but I'm just sharing my feelings with you because it really hurts me talking about this guy.
Second, it's not like in the movies. Gays don't have to be really ugly or frustrated to become gay. This guy has the superman look, we used to go the gym together and he keeps the same athletic body uptil now, they've got Arminian origins in the family and the guy just looks like movie stars. He had the best education offered in Egypt, french schools and then the AUC. They are not poor and so he was never in need that drives him into an improper relationship. He hasn't got any mental diseases, in fact the guy is extremely social, elegant and attractive, and he always kept girls' company that at a time everyone just envied him for he seemed almost perfect.
What was the problem then?
Simply it was his family. Well, his mother and two sisters are the most beautiful women I've ever seen in my life, but his mother is a real beast at home. Simply she was ragel el beit, and from her stories that she told me, I had the impression that she feels that females are much more superior to men, and hanging around in public with her, I noticed that she had a pleasure in bullying men and humiliate them. His older sisters had the same temper as their mother's, while he was raised up to be like his father, sweet, delicate and fragile. His older sister used to swear and humiliate him and on several occasions, she expressed her pride in beating that hulk of a man when they were younger!!!.
I figured out that it was the same like beating your child, for he will become most likely aggresive with others to discharge his anger somewhere else. Or like humiliating your child which will lead him to feel inferior and acquire an unbalanced personality. I tried to read more about homosexuality as a perversion and the causes leading to it and found that mothers' abuse is a factor that affects the male's sexual life after puberty.
El mohem, what happened afterwards was that I never showed him that I knew about him hoping that he wouldn't remember, but sure he remembered telling me because he stayed away from me for a long time, and even when he started talking to me again, it was never like before. It was him who tried to stay away from me.
The second time to get in contact with gays was here in Brisbane when a stupid coworker thought that it was funny to spoil my weekend by recommending a gay club on a friday night, that was on my first weekend in Brisbane. On this night I saw the other type of gays, the happy gays who are happy of being gays(some of them were transsexuals as well) and that was disgusting, but still I believe that there are some people out there who need help and feel sorry for themselves(like my friend and like that anonymous, the words really felt sad). Mesh 3aref begad but afterall 7esabhom ma3a rabbena, ma7addesh 3aref el nas dy beta3mel keda leih, but what I understood is that it feel normal to them like it feels normal to be attracted to the opposite sex for normal people. mesh 3aref ba2a eh el 7all bass rabbena yesa3edhom to get over their illness we khalas.
I really needed to talk about this with someone because knowing this secret was killing me and everyone I know will know that person straight away, I wanted to keep his secret so I never even discussed it with my brother or my parents but I just wanted to share it with someone because I'm as sad as he is about this illness of his.
That long story was the answer to the old post about knowing that your best friend was gay. I still like the guy and keeping the distance was his choice not mine(it was relieving but really sad).

Yasmine said...

i was really touched by your story tr.
but i completely agree that family dysfunction is the main cause of homosexuality; overbearing mother, missing father, abusive father...
you will always find these factors in the background somewhere...

i was watching a religious tv show once, and someone called to ask about 3ekab rabena for homosexuality... and a guy called, confession being a homosexual, fully aware that it's 7aram, and saying he cant pretend to be straight, and wouldnt get married because it wouldnt be fair to the girl, so he's just keeping away from el razeela to save himself from 3ekab allah.
so maybe treating it is not that easy or simple...

Mohaly said...

Tamer, you seem to be a great friend who cherishes friendship. The situation is not easy, but keeping his major secret is a MUST. If you are really not offended with him being your friend and gay at the same time, then call him and ask for a meeting, and tell him how you feel, and nothing has changed. The situation will be hard for you, but akeed not as hard as his.

For the trans...etc, Just avoid, me and my friend were harrased in spain, and then decided to know about where are the public gay areas and simply avoid being there.

But there is something I think it needs another post about homosexuals and straight marriages.
Will add it today ISA.