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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Personal Time Map....Let's Do it!

  • Put the clock in the Middle.
  • Pull out a line for every and each major activity you do.
  • Start breaking it down into major tasks
  • Congratulations, you have your own Time Map.


P.S. Click to enlarge


omar said...

eih el shoghl el te2eel da ya Mohaly, i wanna ask

khateeb: are people in germany that accurate and puntucal as stereotype or is it just a reputation?

Tr: are people in australia mekabareen and has no stress as they feel that they have all the time away from everything as we hear?

Mohaly said...

not te2eel, just focus on each aspect separtely and u can do it.

Emmy said...

hey Mo,
this is really interesting..it looks like the mapping we do with communities in development work....but first time to see it applied for a different theme 'time management'..well done:)