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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Nefertiti.....is now German!

Germany refused to display the Nefertiti Statue in Egypt for 3 months!!


I don't know what to say or feel, should I say we lost any power, or should I say the Germans are right coz it is the best way to preserve it, or should i simply shut up and akkabar.

I thought that people only were Flying Dubai, now we have our heritage Flying Berlin :(



kingtut said...

"Egypt on Sunday threatened to ban future displays of its ancient artifacts in Germany if Berlin refuses to return a 3 400-year-old bust of Queen Nefertiti for a temporary exhibition. '(Egypt) will never again organise antiquities exhibitions in Germany if it refuses a request, to be issued next week, to allow the bust of Nefertiti to be displayed in Egypt for three months,' antiquities supremo Zahi Hawass told parliament, according to the official MENA news agency."

khateeb said...

Well since am in Germany, i must have something to say about this but to be honest i don't know...Do we need this that bad 1, dose it matter to us that 'Germany' has it 2, could it be that we don't like the response 3, but the german minister didn't say anything wrong they said it was given to them they didn't take it nor steal it. To cut a long story short i am OK with it being in Germany, i hate the German response yet i understand their position and above all i hate the person called 'zahy 7awas' who always acts like indiana Jones of the 21 century taking matters into his own hands like he owns the history and we are all ignorants.

TR said...

I believe that what germany did was the right thing that all other countries which have some of our statues and artefacts. They will preserve it and respect it more than we do, this way people will still remember the great Egyptian history for hundreds of years to come.
Tayyeb bel zemma, 7add feeko ra7 greece? Tunisia? Jordan?
Have you ever seen" lel zekra al khaleda.....Abdel salam (heart) Hoda (dated) 24/11/98" written on the walls of temples, pyramids and even sphynx himself????
What the hell were they thinking? that this was the pharaonic guest book and they had to sign?
Well if Germany is willing to host the pyramids then let them take the pyramids until we're mature enough to take care of our heritage.
(I really love my country and its history bass e7na fe3lan manestahelsh el 7agat dy)

Mohaly said...

I have been to the three countries, and exepct for Greece, the number of monuments are not even to be compared to Egypt, yet they have it well presereved and displayed.

Ya ragel I went to mat7af Dubai, and although it was showing nothing, but i was impressed!!!

I don't think that the Sphinx will think a lot if he is offered a tour in Europe, and I think I will pay him a visit there to see him bera7ti without beggers and rip-offs.

Yasmine Ismail said...

So you guys think if a country can't preserve or make use of its heritage, it should be given to another country!


TR said...

No Yasmine, this is not "A" country, this is the country that has the richest and the most beutiful and intact heritage that amazed everyone but Egyptians, that everyone respects but Egyptians.

Yasmine Ismail said...

"everyone respects but Egyptians."
that is something i totally agree with, but not all egyptians. there is you, khateeb, mohaly and others who are respecting it.