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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


2al ya3nee hayshouf 7aga :)) tab 3eeb 3ala shebtak!!


Yasmine Ismail said...

Men will always be the same! regardless of age, color, and place :)


TR said...

Maho bardo el ragel 3ando 7a2. ma7addesh beyetresem men dahro abadan. el ragel eftakar en el soora ma7toota 3al dahr, ma3lesh fawweto, we ba3den ya Yasmine akher 7aga betmoot fel ragel, 3eneh.

Yasmine said...

3eeb 3ala shebtoh eh bas...
funny story, cracks me up everytime!
my grandfather has this friend who's almost blind, wears very thick eyeglasses and can barely see shadows with them.
he likes to go to the track at the club to check out women while they're walking/jogging!!

men will be men, no matter how old they get

Yasmine Ismail said...

yasmine's granpa friend is a live proof of what i said TR :)


Fatiflower said...

Fe ma9oula bet2oul: el raguel lama beyshib bey3eeb aw bey7'eeb. Wa 2oraje7 the first one.

Tamer Mokhtar said...

ya gama3a ento fehemto el ragel ghalat, he was sure that en fee mozza wara el sora, we kan 3ayez ye3raf law kan 7ad 3ayez mosa3da.

Yemoot el zamar we sawab3o betel3ab.