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Thursday, April 26, 2007

106) AUC.....Mohaly's Love

One of the things that Mohaly loves most is the AUC. He thinks (and he is factually right) it is the best university in Egypt & Arab World. He even held to this idea after studying abroad in the US during his junior year.

The AUC provides you with quality education with a different integrating variety of curriculum. This is in addition to a very rich student life and activities (most of mohaly's early posts were in AUC, and he won best club president before his graduation 10 years ago). Last and not least, the big variety of nationalities and cultures blended in 1 institution.

What makes Mohaly sad is that many people has the perception of AUC as being a social club for rich and spoilt kids...etc and they mix between the AUC and the CACE (Center for Adult and Continuing Education) that is open for public.

I know that some of you went to AUC, yasmine i guess is working there, and others are mocking, so where does AUC stand in the development of Egyptian and Arab minds.

Y.I. on belhalf of Mohaly


Tamer Mokhtar said...

One day i asked Mohaly to tell me a name of one person graduated from AUC and made a difference in this country, till now i didn't get the answer :)
anyone can help Mohaly?

but still i see it a practical university in the Arab region :)

omar said...

auc is great in all means, specially girls ;)

Mohaly said...

AUC 7abebti, wel mesh 3agbo, toz feeh!

Mayan said...

Queen Rania of Jordan graduated from AUC... and Egypt's First Lady as well... WITH THE CONSIDERATION THAT CHANGE DOESN'T HAVE TO BE POSITIVE IN ALL CASES