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Monday, April 9, 2007

Goodbye Kiss....Egypt Regional Role!

In 2007 -so far- the deterioration of the Egyptian role in the region became so obvious. Saudi Arabia is the most prominent heir of the lost Egyptian crown. Some obvious signs:

- Palestinian sects peace agreement.
- Arab Summit happenings.
- Key players visits to the area without passing by Egypt (US Senate Chair, German Chancellor,..etc).
- Libya, & Jordan are re-organizing the Egyptian employment, I am afraid to find Sudan regulating it too!!

Ya khosara ya Masr :(



omar said...

You can see it even more clearly if you are outside Egypt, wala eiy ya khateeb and rezk?

omar said...

I am back to my position as the 1st one to comment, it is my 4th in a row :) Tamer Zaki, & yasmines were takeing it from me last week ;)

TR said...

la2 tab3an el kalam dahmosh sa7ee7.
Masr kanat wa sawfa tazal me7war ehtemam el 3alam kollo.
3ayez tet2aked?
e2ra el so7of el 3alameyya zayy el akhbar wel ahram wel gomhoreyya, ennama mate2roosh el so7of eyyaha la2en el so7of el agnabeyya dy de3aya sohyouneyya moghreda dedd masr(rayat el 3elm wal ma3refa, kalb el watan el 3araby al nabed bel shaga3a, lesan el 3arab al natek bel haqq).
for a long time, I never heard that name in any serious stuff on world news. It's only mentioned when it comes to train accidents (it's not that bad, train accidents occur in India as well)
bird flu(el so7of el sohyouneyya bet2ool en masr is the ninth country in the world regarding the no. of cases discovered, bass el so7of el 3alameyya(ahram)bet2ool kollo tamam ya rayyes) or any other disaster.
Even the arab summit, when held in sharm el sheikh, it's always mentioned as if it was an independant country, not a part of Egypt.
And then the greatest joke ever,...
If mubarak's name is ever mentioned in the news or in the papers, his name is always followed by "Egyptian president for 25 yrs" as if it was Mcdonalds celebrating 25 years in Egypt.
ya 3am balash waga3 alb, khallina fel sexy posts a7san.
By the way, ana rege3t Australia last night.

TR said...

Ana ba2ool, masr doesn't belong to that area any more. we can just move it to south America where it feels more comfortable among other police states, drugs and corruption.

Mohaly said...

welcome back tamer rezk (not tamer zaki ya omar). Dont forget to tell us about your weekend (u can add your comment about it in the next post about 100 days).

I guess many people will support the idea of moving to Latin America, coz it is not only corruption, drugs, but great music, dancers, festivales, and babes :)

Yasmine Ismail said...

u r right TR, i have noticed this 25 years notice. they dont look up to egypt as they used to in the 70s & 80s.