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Monday, April 2, 2007

Are you ready to Pay the Price?!

Many of us dream about many things but few of us actually accomplish them, why? because either we don't know or we don't wanna pay the price of turning the dream into a goal.

According to Rich Lucas, there are five prices that we have to think about. The total price may be one, two, or all of the following:

Financial - How much money will it cost?
Emotional - How will fulfilling this affect your moods?
Mental - Will you have to learn new things?
Physical - How will fulfilling your intention impact on you physically?
Time - How much time will you spend on fulfilling your intention?

So are you prepared to pay the price of your dreams?


Tamer Rezk said...

Well, the time difference gives me the chance to be the first to post a comment.
I had to think about it for 3 hours before I could write a word in reply because out of your five bills, I already paid four and I don't like that.
About my dream, I always took one step at a time towards achieving it. ofcourse I chose the wrong directions many times along the path but my father taught me to be an opportunist(don't interpret that word literally), because according to him the opportunist is someone who'll start taking a bath when he accidentally falls into a river, I had that in mind and never looked back and regret anychoice that I made. I just learned how to assess the current situation and make good use of it to go forward. That was the method I adopted to fulfill my dreams(ofcourse I didn't achieve the whole thing I dreamed of, and as time went by, I started losing hope to achieve the rest of it, but I'm quite satisfied with what I reached so far).

About the costs, I'll categorize them in the same way.
Financial: The cost is too little compared to what success brought me afterwards.

Emotional:(The most expensive bill so far)I lost family members along the way, friends, social events, family events. Suddenly I found out that I haven't got any emotional support from anyone(I didn't have much time to socialize earlier in my life). Had some not so seriouas relationships(I was afraid of getting married when I was younger as I thought that this would be enough to kill my dream). So I woke up one day to find that I was 29 (I'll be 30 next July) with noone around me. I started looking for my old school friends to find out that most of them are now married with kids, some died, and some just...disappeared. I went back to Egypt on a vacation only to be there for my brothers marriage, he was begging from me to be there at least a week before his marriage so that we can see each other but I couldn't. I arrived two days before the big day and I only saw him when he was dressing up on his marriage night, and never had the chance to see him again after his honeymoon because I had to go back to Australia.
Mental:???!!!!!(see above, I can't be mentally stable anymore)
Physical:I'm almost bald now, with a belly and I look at least 10 years older.
Time:I'm almost 30 but still feel like 16 (I lost track of time or someone stole these years from me)

I hope that everyone else has done much better than me.
Mohaly that was cheeky.

Fatiflower said...

Thank you ya Tamer for sharing this very deep thing about your dreams.

One should be ready to pay the price when the dream is worth it. The majority of people now are paying heavy bills (Financial,mental, emotional and time) to accomplish false or let me call them very secondary dreams like having a luxurious car, nice villa, pretty wife and kids going to international schools...etc of all kinds of wealth dreams and they, on the other side, omitted to even dream of acheiving real dreams, dreams like those who made history in the past time: prophets, scientists, warriors for peace (Salah El Din El Ayouby) and a very big list of such people who weren't dreaming about personal achievments but about noble human collcective achievements regardless the price. It happens to us to not feel fully satisfied after we buy a car and a house and gets married and have kids and so on just because it's a dream which is serving no one but the person Himself. A real dream is the one which makes us feel satisfied is when it serves the community, the country the continent and the globe.

I am not saying that we don't have to dream of personal things because they're just means but not goals but we should focus and invest more on dreams that will be serving our kind in all fields. Our lives are short and if we spend most of them in such dreams we will never have time to achieve the main goal for which Allah (sub7anahou wa ta3ala) created us.

Stop only dreaming and pass to action :)

Mohaly said...

sometimes tamer you make me feel dought that i wrote the reply but had the name tamer rezk instead of Mohaly!

I share more than 80-90% of what you have passed through. May be the main differences are that I decided to live in Egypt, I don't have a brother, and I am already in the 30s :)

Mohaly said...

The trick is the right balance of paying the price.
I mean don't pay too much from one wallet even it seems endless or cheaper coz what is cheap today may be the most expensive tomorrow!


Yasmine Ismail said...

Mohaly, that is one hell of a post, it can change someone's whole life if s/he thinks about it this way!

I agree with T Rezk (now we are 2 yasmines and 2 tamers), it needs sometime to think, and it is already 4am in NJ, just came back from a short travel and gotta sleep!


Tamer Rezk said...

This is the main reason why I posted my first comment on Gamal Mubaraks post. I was thinking about it for a long time, and if you notice I just repeated what you wrote down in the original post. I thought that we share the same ideas(actually I was pissed off because I felt that you stole that idea from me, although I never had the chance to discuss it in my blog). I'm really sorry for the very long comments(people who know me, know that I don't talk much, but it's only when I start writing that it starts flowing non stop). Thank you for letting me share my ideas with people once again.(I promise that I'll start a new blog, and you'll be the 1st to know about it).

Mohaly said...

Thanks tamer, and you are always welcome to praise and criticize. Will be happy to see your blog, but this hopefully won't keep you away from us here :)