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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Mohaly Blog Stars....YASMINEs Vs. TAMERs!!

I have noticed something..

TAMER Mokhtar always argue with YASMINE Ismail
&TAMER Rezk recently argues with YASMINE Farahat

- The main argument of Mokhtar/Ismail is in the sexual topics, while the Rezk/Farahat in political ones; i.e. Taboos.
- Each one of them is living in a different city (even continent; 2 in Africa, 1 in America, & 1 in Australia)

Is there something wrong with the names that they argue a lot or is it the distance :)



Yasmine Ismail said...

Mohaly, tamer is the TEASER, and you know it. He keeps on either posting provoking comments or replies, and he admit that he do that intentionally.

and of course I will support Yasmine Farahat against any Tamer :) although I like Rezk's replies, not provoking like Mokhtar's :p


Yasmine Ismail said...

and by the way, it is always sexual becasue he know how to be "the word I told him yesterday" when he says such comments in such topics.

This doesn't mean that you shouldn't be posting it, but it means that sick mind should behave (not tamer, i mean in general).

Other than that, it if fun to have tamer in the blog. He and Omar are like Ben Stiller & Adam Sandler :)


Yasmine said...

Who said anything about arguments?
Mohaly, are you trying to spice things up to attract a bigger audience to your blog?

We're having a civilized discussion here - i didn't bare my teeth yet :)

YI, thank you for your support, you have mine as well ;)

Mohaly said...

Al Hamdullah, the blog is going fine without the need for such spices, and that is why I put under "Blog Stars".

Arguments are not always bad, imagine a blog where are people are agreeing about everything, it will look like the official newspapers.

It was just something I noticed, and pointed out because it is a healthy thing and not bad at all.

If I like something about my friends, it will be their diversity and ability to enrich each other with our opinions, whether we agree or not about the same subject.

I would like the 4 of you, and keep it up, objective, praising but not kissing ass, criticizing but not insulting.

have a nice evening,

Tamer Mokhtar said...

It's about everyone contributions, everyone is contributing by his own way.

overall i'm enjoying commenting here, yet 7aba safala, 7aba gad & shwayet tahyees.

p.s Mohaly is the one who initiating & WE react safala, gad, tahyees :)
sneaking Mohaly da ya gama3a

Mohaly said...

ok, etafa2too 3alaya ya3nee :)

I will borrow Y Farahat famous quote: Ah yana yama!

P.S. esmaha sneaky mesh sneaking ya tamer coz "sneaking mohaly" means that you are the one sneaking me :)

Tamer Rezk (TR) said...

Ya gama3a we have to admit that safala is part of the male charm.(just the teasing safala, not the serious one),as we guys like watching girls getting pissed off.
Tamer mokhtar, we have to stand for each other now.

TR said...

"Arguments are not always bad, imagine a blog where are people are agreeing about everything, it will look like the official newspapers."
This reminds me of galsat majles el she3b.
I've been away for almost 7 years now, so it might sound silly but are they still voting using the"nage7 yerfa3 eedo"style or did they finally discover an electronic way of voting?
I've got a propsal for them.
They can hire a kahroba2y to do the job which will only take him a couple of days. It will be simple, just two buttons in front of each 3edw, wa7ed akhdar(we maktoob 3aleh mwafeq kaman) we wa7ed a7mar. we ba3den oddam fat7y basha soroor yerakkeb lo7a feeha thesame number of green and red (small bulbs this time.(it's getting more complicated than I thought)). And then fat7y beh can count the flashing red and green lights.(I assure you that any kahraba2y(I didn't write electrician because it sounds more proffesional than what the job needs), anyway, ayy karoba2y ye3raf ya3mel anwar fara7 will easily do it and it will cost around 10,000(I actually calculated the cost for this voting machine(kahraba2y voting not a proper one) based on 2001 prices in Egypt).with no need to import it from outer space.
Al mwafeq 3ala haza al eqtera7 yerfa3 eedo, mwafaka...(ana rafe3 eedy ahoh).

TR said...

you closed the gay and lesbian issue only one week before I started writing in your blog. Tayyeb ana fee kelmetein 7az2enny fel mawdoo3 dah. what shall I do? aktem fee alby?da 7atta khatar 3ala se77ety,.
Anyway I respect your decision.

Fatiflower said...

bossy ya Yasmine bema2eny ana moroccan wafham fel black magic 7asa3dek testa3eedy Jimmy, 3ayzah bas sha3ra men ras mamtou w sha3ra men ras babah w law momken sha3ra men ras khatebtou : debby fe ay khena2a ma3aha we sheddy sha3raha w hatily wa7dah bass :)))))))))))

Yasmine said...

hehehehe thank you fatiflower
but no man is worth the trouble, not even jimmy :))))))

Fatiflower said...

Bravo Yasmine wallah Kalamek sa7ee7 ;)

Geeee said...

Wenabby eh ya fatti ??? :D mabalash enty tayeb 7'ally 7ad tany ytkalem :D

Geeee said...

wenta ya mohaly :D betgebo lenafsoko el kalam mesh 3aref leeh, bet7ot nafsak fe mawakef bay7'aaaaaa :D heheheh la bs I like your blog ma3a en malesh fel syasa awy bs I do my best to participate

Mohaly said...

Nothing to say after what is said..

TR: I will post another one about homo but within different context, it is enough for the last post.

Gee: say what you want, where you want, when you want :)

Fatima: Gamal comment should be in Gamal post, or will Gamal be a must in all the posts :)


Fatiflower said...

Ma3alesh Ya Mohaly ana sa3at bahayess :-O