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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Fair Dictatorship is Needed!!

After seeing what is going on, and talking to a lot of people... I believe that Egypt - in the near future- doesn't need democracy as much as it needs a FAIR & CLEAN Dictator who can force the right things in the right place at the right time, then we can move to democracy. There are many social diseases that need to be cured before moving on to democracy. I am afraid if not, democracy will get us nothing but Al Ekhwan with all their greediness.
Walla eih?



omar said...

i agree ya mohaly. and we can see the Muritanian example ahead of us.

sob7an allah, muritania eli konna benetarya2 3alaeha fel goghrafia we makanetshi aslan fel tareekh!!

Fatiflower said...
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Fatiflower said...

Huwa 7asal eh ma3a Muritania, makontish metab3a el mawdou3. ma3a ennaha wallahou a3lem guz2 men el Maghreb el 3araby. Akher 7aga sme3taha kan el Inkilab. Enta 2asdak ya3ny yet3emel Inkilab zay kedah hena :O ya dih ennylah shaklena enta ely 7anwadilak 3eesh we 7alawa ya Omar mosh Yassmine :P

Tamer Mokhtar said...

mesh 3aref but i guess you are right :)

Yasmine Ismail said...

I can't say you are wrong, but we need as well to define a trigger indicating when to turn into democracy, or i am expecting too much.

I am interested in hearing yasmine, khateeb and tamer rezk opinions about the triggers for democracy, i am sure that have something to "enrich" us with. (sorry mohaly i am using ur words)


Mohaly said...

Fatima, after the inkelab, the head of the country announced he will stay in power for 2 years then call for elections. Before the 2 years he fulfiled his promise, and called for CLEAN elections that none of the people in power has run for!!


bo2bo2 said...

shaklak "watanyyy".. mosh kedah wallah eh

khateeb said...

being fair is what i need, anything else i could live with

Mohaly said...

bo2bo2: Watani yes but not the party :)

Geeee said...

as I was talking with you Mohaly, I'm with you if it's the only solution for what's going around us now.

But as I told you before it's not that easy to find a Fair Dictator that can do it right, regardless what we used to from people that their positions changed them - we es2alny ana ;)

Trust me my friend ... the only solution is very simple ... "Ourselves" ... Change Yourself, Change Your Life, Change the whole World ... bs kda

bo2bo2 said...

sorry gee i don't believe in "only solutions"

what right is right

i am against anything that treats Egyptians as politically immature

"when u treat a child as a man he becomes a man" bo2bo2

Mohaly said...

I agree ya bo2bo2 if the child is well raised and have no psycological problem, but when he has been subjected to hunger, fear, and injustice; i.e homeless child, he needs to go through re-habilitation before being treated as a man in order to be able to be responsible for his own acts.

Geeee said...

balash bs el 7am2a beta3tak de ya bo2bo2 :D I said exactly "IF it's the only solution" and of course it's not.

I'm with mohaly about raising people well first before letting them lead, some of us can lead but not all of us.

and I'm with you bo2bo, what right is right but we are talking about the WAY to do it right. everyone of us has his own prospective about the "Right" thing.

So you might think that it's the only solution to do it your way which is different than mine but we get to the same result at the end which is ... Right ;)

low 7ad fahem 7aga yefahemny ba2a :D

Yasmine Ismail said...

sorry bo2bo2, they are, the people who give their votes to the one who pay more are politically immature. the people who talk much but do nothing are politically immature. the people who cares about themselves without having a real belonging and seeing the bigger benefit of the country are politically immature. the people who still screw up the public property, the people who say an opinion, and changes it when you turen around are politically immature.

i guess these are the social diseased mohaly talked about and it needs to be cured before moving on.