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Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Three Challenges of the PM!

If you are the prime minister of Egypt, and you are asked to choose 3 major challenges that you will work on solving as a threshold for the development of the country, what will choose?

If I was the PM I will focus on Education, Health, & Traffic in order to build the minds, build the bodies, and utilize the time & efforts, and this will lead to a better generation and better services. But the floor is open to discuss which 3 are the most important (significant).

P.S. Let's assume that the PM is elected so he is committed to his promises & plans.



omar said...


we need a new mind set in this country

amina said...

- Faith
- Education
- Health

Yasmine Ismail said...

Health, people are leading terrible life.

Education, in order to use this organ inside their head (we call it brain in the US)

Corruption, in order to be able to do anything as it is a show-stopper.


The Egyptian said...

Mohaly, you're leaving me nothing to discuss in my blog (to be), I had to cross this one off the list(since I had it on the list, I already prepared my answer).
As a prime minister, I believe that there is a hierarchy of priorities that require immediate response but I'll sstart right from the bottom of that hierarchy, from the infrastructure, no matter how long will it take to build a solid infrastructure.
1) First thing to do is limit the population growth (ie birth control), and don't get me wrong, I won't repeat the chinese experiment. I won't be able to change people, people will have to change themselves. There must be a new constitutional amendment stating that the country will only be responsible for one child per family, which means that the first child gets free education, free medical treatment and all benefits that the country provides now. While for the second child the parents will have to be fully responsible, paying all his actual expenses for clothing, education and medical treatment.(may be I'll go further more and impose a new tax called "second child tax" because parents with more children are putting heavier loads on the government).
2) Second comes education. With more money coming from taxes and paid education and medical care, I'll be able to improve education by increasing teachers' income, and reducing no. of students(refer 1), improve the educational courses into more interesting, practical and interactive courses(which will broaden and provoke that mysterious organ located inside the human skull).
3) Third comes the medical care, with more resources and more education (and awareness) (refer 1,2) people will start automatically adopting a healthier way of living and reject the mal practices, which will help the government in supplying more effective health services.
4) Fourth (if you allow me a fourth choice), everything will eventually start to gradually improve without much efforts.

waffaqana allah wa eyyakom leref3at sha2n al watan.
(sorry again for the long post but this is an official statement and it has to be long and boring)
PS: Wennaby ana anfa3 ra2ees gomhoreyya mesh bass PM