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Sunday, April 29, 2007

112) So What!!

Isn't it provoking to have such news in the homepage of the biggest newspaper in Egypt. With all respect, who is G. Mubarak to have a news about his INTENDED visit to a city?!

Y.I. (for Mohaly)


omar said...

gamal ra7
gamal geh

howa mesh gamal lamo2akhza "hayedkhol" el goma3a el gayya

3ayez eih men el mohafazat!!

The Egyptian said...

Ana seme3t enno 3al 3eed elly gayy, hayghayyaro el tahne2a bel 3eed men,"3eed MUBARAK" to, "ya GAMAL el 3eed"

omar said...

tab leeh el ta3ab?!
maho mubarak bardo!