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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

El Haggan....Da Kan Zaman!!

I am just wondering what will kind of info Israel would seek about Egyptian "Atomic" Energy. We are still fighting about whether we have el Dab3a as a place for building the nuclear reactor or 5 stars hotel!!

"The second case of its kind since the beginning of the year, Egyptian authorities announced on Tuesday that Muhammad Sayed Saber, 35, an engineer at the country's Atomic Energy Agency, has been charged with spying for Israel. Israel Foreign Ministry Spokesman Mark Regev said: "These sort of charges unfortunately appear all too often in the Egyptian media and they always prove to be baseless."


TR said...

Ba2a bezzema ya3ny, the nuclear research bill is a very heavy one evn for the richest countries. e7na ba2a malna we mal el nuclear research? yalla khally el nas temoot a7san waho bardo nemoot men el go3 a7san manmoot monta7ereen waho mayeb2ash mot we kharab deyar, ya3ny khasraneen donya we akhra??
There was a project during abdel Nassers era to build an atomic reactor, this reactor still exists in Anshas in the delta but now they're applying atomic energy in the production of insecticides (pyrosol men el akher).
e7na akherna nestakhreg el taka el nawaweyya men nawa el bala7.
we ba3den even if we manage to apply the usage of nuclear energy, mesh 3eeb bardo dawla zayy masr still using historic weapons like the oozy(Kalashnicov aka AK-47, widely used during the 60's) to use any sort of nuclear energy before upgrading our weapons to at least 80's models?

Yasmine said...
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Yasmine said...

hehe malo el AK-47 ya tr? e7na nas ne7eb el vintage classics :D

I just googled to get the exact date when they started making them, and turns out the 47 stands for 1947.
Although it's one of the most widely used assault riffles in history, it's one of the oldest too.
So basically we're using 50 yr old weapons :)

2al taka nawaweya 2al...

aaaah yana yamma!

Mohaly said...

7aga teksef :(

TR said...

exactly, AK-47 stands for"AVTOMAT KALASHNICOV 1947"