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Monday, April 2, 2007

Jeddal about Jammal - Part II - Al Dostour supports Farahat

It seems that the daily doustour is supporting Y Farahat in her opinion against mine :( It seems she has connections!

I will be democratic and publish this public support for Farahat, and I suggest that she, and Bebo establish a new liberal party (not kidding) coz the liberal parties (wafd and ghad) aren't liberal anymore!

By the way there is a rumor that Gamal Mubarak will establish a new party called the "Future Party - Al Mostakbal", yasmine why don't you join?! wala you do all that coz you are jealous from Khadija who won your "dream guy"?!
P.S. please ask about me coz yasmine will most prob. kill me after this post!


Yasmine said...

you didnt publish the article :)
wala enta khayef menni?
i promise your death will be swift :)

we ba3den el sara7a you caught me, i am jealous of khadija; 3arees lo2ta, 2eema we markaz we wazeefa meery.
and very good looking; move over brad pitt and george clooney, here comes jimmy!

ah yana yamma!

Mohaly said...

I just published the first part coz the rest is not clear in this size. will send by mail.

Ma3lesh, ebn 3alaa zamano keber :)

omar said...

hangeblik 3esh we 7alawa ya yasmin

Fatiflower said...

ana nefsy adou2 sandwich el macarona dah 3omry ma shoftou houa 7aga mosh mafhouma kedah zay el koshary :P

Mohaly said...

part of the egyptian culture...if u can put roz, makarona, 3ads, basal, shatta, toom, and others in one meal and call it koshari, then dont get surprized when you hear about the makarona sandwich!