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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Wanna Get Things Done?

- Start at the top.
- Deal with one item at a time.
- Never put anything back into 'in'.
- If an item requires action:
---- do it (if it takes less than two minutes),
---- delegate it, or
---- defer it.
- If not,
---- file it for reference,
---- throw it away, or
--- incubate it for possible action later.
- The 5-minute Rule: If it would take less than 5 minutes to do something, just do it right away.


amina said...

ok, JAK.

Yasmine Ismail said...

that 5 mins rule will surely help a lot.

TR said...

Mohaly, you have to give that 5 min rule a second thought, If you're talking about living in Cairo. Everything in my life (in Egypt) looked like a 5 min job but it never worked out for two reasons.
1) every thing turns out to be more complicated than you thought.
2) If you add up all small details missing on all jobs that emerged from carelessness and inaccuracies, that needed your attention (simply all 5 min jobs) you'll find out that you'll use the whole day to get them done.

Mohaly said...

Actually the 5 min rule was orginally the 2 min rule but i modified it to 5 mins to fit our culture. More than that it wont be a quick task.

Planning the unplanned is a major part that we are missing in our planning activities - if we plan aslan- when you plan a day you should plan it as 6 hours not 8, and if you -luckly- finished everything take from the following day tasks.